This Spring, After a Long Fight, Orange County Will Have 525,600 Seasons of Love


HATE SCHOOL MUSICAL — From the land of Orange County comes two pieces of news: 1) A mayor there is a big racist asshole and doesn’t even know it; and 2) Rent will go on. Yes! It got the OK at Corona del Mar High School.

It’s been a long and arduous battle to get the student production of Rent to hit the stage. Back on Feb. 13, Queerty broke the news that the drama department’s selection of Rent had been vetoed by the principal. A he-said she-said match followed between Principal Fal Asrani and drama teacher Ron Martin, with both sides disputing what happened at a meeting about the show; Martin says Asrani raised issue with Rent‘s portrayal of gay characters and prostitution (which has no part in Rent), while Asrani says she only asked for a script of the show ahead of time for review.


But now both sides have come to the table and, somehow, decided the high school version of Rent did not include material too risque for the student body.

“I never had a problem with the play selected by Mr. Martin,” a statement from Asrani reads, according to the LAT. “The selection of our drama productions is his call. I just requested the opportunity to review the script before it was final. [The school ]administration received parent concerns from a previous play and I wanted to be able to ensure my commitment to the concerned parents as well as show my support of the student production without any reservation.”

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  • Sebbe

    Yes!!!! Seems she did have the time to read it. David is a hero to these kids (or should be). Your attention caused enough of an uproar that even the NYTimes picked up the story! Gay Mafia – SCORE

  • Charles J. Mueller

    It pays to make a schtink!

  • WillK

    Woohoo!! I may just have to go see the play, seeing as I live in the city. Gay and risque, I’ll see for myself.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I wish I could be there myself to go see their production. This is certainly a welcome boost during an otherwise dreary and heartbreaking time.

  • Paul Raposo

    Why is it school officials always claim, “parental concerns” when banning something LGBTQ related, but never explain what those concerns are, nor who made them? I hope the show is standing room only as a show of solidarity for the drama department.

  • Chloe

    Fantastic News! Congrats Kids!

  • scott



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