This Student Stuck In A Giant Stone Vagina Is Giving Anderson Cooper The Giggles

780116268095036077Anderson Cooper worked his way through another one of his infamous on-air gigglefests this week while speaking about the American exchange student in Germany who was literally trapped inside a vagina. Can you blame him?

The vagina in question is actually a giant stone vagina sculpture that has been sitting on Germany’s Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology campus for 13 years. The sculpture was reportedly commissioned for $173,000 from Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara in 2000 and does not have a history of clenching onto victims that climb inside its walls — the student who was rescued apparently crawled inside as a “dare” and was by all accounts the first to be taken hostage by the giant stone vagina.

He also required the help of 22 firefighters who relied on the tried-and-true “pull out” method to free him.

The student became the topic of Cooper’s “Ridiculist” segment on Tuesday night, where he giggled every single time he read the word “vagina.” “I am certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas,” he said, “but I know enough to know that you’re not supposed to…go in feet first.”

Oh? You learn something new every day, we guess.