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This Supercut Proves Michael Bay’s Movies Are Both Stupid AND Homophobic

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Even as Transformers 4 opened with a $100 million domestic weekend box office, we’ve all known for years that Michael Bay’s movies are pretty much loud, dumb wastes of space catered specifically to the 17-40 man-child crowd, but now we’ve got proof that they’re pretty damn homophobic, too.

The peeps at Gawker have compiled a six-minute supercut of homophobic scenes from seven of Bay’s flicks, and the most disturbing thing about the homophobia is how casual it all is.

We spotted a stereotypically gay stylist mincing around a Transformers sequel and The Rock looking deeply uncomfortable at a plastic dildo in Pain and Gain for starters, and they’re just the tip of the gay panic iceberg of Bay’s theatrical oeuvre.

Watching the clip, the homophobic “humor” seems weirdly dated and uncomfortable, but we suppose that Bad Boys 2 wouldn’t have been complete without a scene in which Martin Lawrence gets shot in the ass and bends over for Will Smith to investigate. Oh yes, it’s that blatant, obvious, and stupid.

Either way, we’ve got another reason to add to the 2,362 we already had not to see Transformers: Michael Bay Needs Another Mansion.



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  • Eldred

    This “article” is a bunch of garbage. Also, the word ‘homophobia’ gets tossed around so easily these days. It’s a shame. Tartlets, tartlets, tartlets.

  • boring

    They’re also the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. Sorry bout it. Michael Bay is the most sincere filmmaker in Hollywood, and I would prefer his movies over a condescending Wes Anderson circle jerk any day of the week.

    And Bad Boys II is the greatest action movie of all time, just sliiiightly beating Crank: High Voltage.

  • robirob

    I’d rather watch an endless stream of rejected TV show pilots than a single Michael Bay movie. That man is a total creep and his movies are lowest common denominator garbage.

  • kittysurprise

    Can we PLEASE stop creating news by looking for new ways to make ourselves victims. I am not a victim of a movie’s stupid joke. People are killed for being gay, people are fired for being transgender, people live their lives in secret for fear of the repercussions. Those are victims. Not me because a movie director made fun of my community for a cheap laugh. And that doesn’t make someone a homophobe either.

  • Pistolo

    Surprised at the comments. Seriously? Michael Bay is a prick. This isn’t about victimizing ourselves, it’s about calling out people who think they can step all over us with zero contention from us. The entitlement of this man, in an industry repeatedly professed to be “run by gays” should tell you homophobia is still disgustingly present. F-k him and f-k you if you support his gimmicky trash.

  • Mezaien

    He is like all white ass republican Christian in the USA!. I am sure no one surprise why white American gets beaten up in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and even China.

  • ppp111

    Why should anyone be surprised? His target audience is usually males between 14 to 35 so almost every kind of gag and joke will be used, especially ones that involve sexuality and/or bodily functions. The only film I saw was Transformers and that was enough for me. I thought is was boring and had little to do with the original cartoon series. But heck if others find his film entertaining then good for them.

  • michael mellor

    I wonder if Michael Bay has a history of repressed homosexuality.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Mezaien: Michael Bay is Jewish.

    You know the actors who uttered those lines did so willingly and knowingly and in my book are NOT innocent of the homophobia. I will never look at Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith the same way again.

  • boring

    Why would they use footage of Pain and Gain, considering it’s legit satire of bad people doing hideous things?

    I can understand people rolling their eyes at the homophobic jokes in his previous films, but contextually, Pain and Gain is basically The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s legit. And awesome. Like ALL OF HIS OTHER MOVIES.

    Well, maybe not the first Bad Boys. Michael Bay not shooting in 2.40 widescreen is a crime, A CRIME.

  • froufrou

    I completely agree with you. It’s beyond me why he still haven’t won an Oscar. Bay is the new master of suspense. His movies are so sophisticated and avant garde. The cinematography, the complex story lines, the character development; the signs of a true genius. I can’t help it, but Bay’s movies always bring tears to my eyes.

  • DB75

    Rob – There is simply no way I could disagree with you more.

    It’s funny how everyone else can be the butt of a joke, but when it’s a gay person or gay related it’s labeled as homophobia. That’s insane. People need to grow up and get a freaking clue. Stop playing the perpetual victim. It’s tired, queen.

    Please don’t go to any of his movies. Saves room for the rest of us without a chip on our shoulders.

  • Ridpathos

    Michael Bay movies suck, but this isn’t homophobia.

  • aliengod

    Homophobic… A word that is way overused.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Ridpathos: What is it then? And if it’s not homophobia, what constitutes homophobia in your opinion?

    @aliengod: How so?

    @DB75: your easy use of the word “Queen” to describe fellow gay men that you disagree with doesn’t do much for yiur position that his movies aren’t homophobic you know.

  • DarkZephyr

    @DarkZephyr: And that would be “your”. Queerty needs an edit feature.

  • DB75

    @DarkZephyr: I completely disagree. My choice to use the term “queen” in no way is homophobic nor does it support homophobia. Furthermore, it in no way has a thing to do with Mr. Bay’s films or their alleged homophobic content. You may not like my opinion or view (which doesn’t bother me in the slightest)- but if you want to some how deconstruct my comment at least do it where your point is valid. Which, your point isn’t.

  • boring

    @froufrou: Joke all you want, I’m not.

    I have a lust for pornographic excess that only Michael Bay can fill.

  • DarkZephyr

    @DB75: I KNOW that you don’t think its homophobic. Trust me, I am very aware of this. The fact that you don’t see calling your gay brothers “queen” when you disagree with them as being homophobic in any way is my *exact point*. And it has *everything* to do with your opinion of Bay’s films. You won’t consider them homophobic if you think it’s fine to call gay men “queen”. And this is why using that term did not help your point in my eyes. Since you are someone who so easily and freely uses such language and thinks its perfectly reasonable and not homophobic to do so, I find your objectivity regarding the possibly homophobic flavor of Bay’s films to be colored by this.

  • reb00t1

    Hmmmm. 95% I would say is not homophobic and actually pretty hilarious. Though the 5% not sure though tbh suspect context is everything and jeez 1995 is a long time ago for some of the material. The critics hate Transformers we get it up this seems a bit of a hatchet job.

  • reb00t1


    I don’t now the film but I gathered as much, I think it’s way out of context and the rest I think was funny/playful. Not homophobic. Crass maybe but DERRR so is the rest of his films.

  • reb00t1

    @froufrou: is this sarcasm?

  • DarkZephyr

    @reb00t1: Why do you consider a grown man asking children if there are any “homos” among them hilarious? Please explain.

  • DB75

    @DarkZephyr: You are 100% wrong. You also might want to chill your ego out, as well. You do not know me. You have made no effort to know me. All you have done is judge me based on one comment – judged me based on YOUR opinion – which is not fact.

    I will not argue with someone as closed minded as yourself. You have your mind made up and there is nothing anyone can do to change it. Have a nice day.

  • EmilyJohnson

    Poolside lounges and the #RecklessBoysOfSummer – life just doesn’t get any better! bit.ly/RecklessBoysof… #Reckless

  • DarkZephyr

    @DB75: I don’t even think you comprehended my point at all. Yes my ego is just so huge because I dislike homophobia.

  • Xzamilloh

    @DarkZephyr: What you constitute as homophobia is not what one of us would constitute as homophobia, or even worthy of being addressed as such. You are doing exactly what DB75 is saying: you are forcing your own opinion on others. Face it… not all of us see every little thing that has gay connotations in a negative way is grounds to go crying victimhood, and you are really pushing it.

  • jabba3445

    @Eldred: I agree this sort of article is just ridiculous, films portray how normal people think and act, and every gay person i know still says the word gay as a jokey derogatory comment every now and again like the scene with the rock in a warehouse of but plugs is exactly where the comment its full of gay shit is used in real life. normal guys talk like that and its not homophobic.

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