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This Supercut Proves Michael Bay’s Movies Are Both Stupid AND Homophobic

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Even as Transformers 4 opened with a $100 million domestic weekend box office, we’ve all known for years that Michael Bay’s movies are pretty much loud, dumb wastes of space catered specifically to the 17-40 man-child crowd, but now we’ve got proof that they’re pretty damn homophobic, too.

The peeps at Gawker have compiled a six-minute supercut of homophobic scenes from seven of Bay’s flicks, and the most disturbing thing about the homophobia is how casual it all is.

We spotted a stereotypically gay stylist mincing around a Transformers sequel and The Rock looking deeply uncomfortable at a plastic dildo in Pain and Gain for starters, and they’re just the tip of the gay panic iceberg of Bay’s theatrical oeuvre.

Watching the clip, the homophobic “humor” seems weirdly dated and uncomfortable, but we suppose that Bad Boys 2 wouldn’t have been complete without a scene in which Martin Lawrence gets shot in the ass and bends over for Will Smith to investigate. Oh yes, it’s that blatant, obvious, and stupid.

Either way, we’ve got another reason to add to the 2,362 we already had not to see Transformers: Michael Bay Needs Another Mansion.