Surprise Engagement

This Surprise Same-Name, Same-Sex Wedding Proposal Will Melt Your Ice Cold Heart

Perhaps you’ve grown weary of watching videos of all the public wedding proposals that have gone viral during the past year and would normally projectile vomit when hearing the phrase “You made me believe in magic” said without a trace of irony. Generally, we’d agree, but there must be some onion-cutting ninjas around because this one really got to us.

Michael and Michael (we know) are actors/writers (we know) living in Los Angeles (where else?), and they shared the video of Michael #1’s surprise proposal to Michael #2 after his performance of Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 and Over at the Acme Comedy Theatre in Hollywood.

We snark a lot here because we know you love to hate it, but the moment is so full of genuine joy and emotion that it’s hard not to get caught up in it. As an added bonus, Michael Rachlis (#1) shared with us the amazing acceptance he got from his Rabbi father:

“All of our friends and family loved the proposal, but even more amazing was what came after–an extremely sweet and heartfelt letter that my father, who happens to be Rabbi, wrote to his synagogue about my upcoming engagement.  He dedicated the Passover Synagogue newsletter to the engagement and tied in marriage equality right with the themes of Freedom and Liberation for Pesach.”

Come for Michael #2’s prominent bulge, stay for Michael #1 looking devastatingly handsome in a tux, and join Queerty in congratulating these two on their engagement. These two appear to have a lot of love to give each other, and now they’ve got a lifetime to do it.