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This tatted up gaymer is an expert at cosplay and flaunting his six-pack

Paul “GayComicGeek” sharing a selfie with his social media followers. His Legend of Zelda tattoo peeks out over his shoulder

Don’t let the “GayComicGeek” moniker fool you, Paul Charles’ nerdy purview permeates beyond just comic book culture.

GayComicGeek, who boasts an Instagram account with over 50.8K followers, is also an avid gaymer. Although he admits, between his hectic schedule as a professional masseur, social media content creator, and action figure aficionado, he’s currently playing catch-up as a gaymer.

“Oh geez, I’m very behind on games,” GCG confided to us via IG text. “I just finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and currently playing Star Wars Fallen Order.”

GayComicGeek’s love of Star Wars, in both its film and video game incarnations, is evidenced by its inclusion in his prominent cosplay oeuvre, like this month’s “May the Fourth” post where his shirtless physique is illuminated by a green lightsaber.

Most recently, he’s parlayed his passion for iconic video games into a Luigi lewk inspired by a homoerotic moment from the new Super Mario Bros movie between its deuteragonist and the main baddie Bowser.

For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned scene, here’s a reference:

This Luigi-couture has also been incorporated into fan art GCG’s followers often create for him, like this piece from @gayartbyalex:

In addition to Super Mario Brothers, GCG also pays tribute to another classic Nintendo game, Legend of Zelda, through one of the myriad tattoos on his muscular body.

But GCG’s sphere of dorkiness isn’t solely focused on gayming. As his IG handle implies, Paul Charles is a longtime comic book fan, with a particular predilection for the Boy Wonder.

Paul "GayComicGeek" Charles flaunting his Legend of Zelda tattoo during a post-workout shower.
Paul “GayComicGeek” Charles flaunting his Legend of Zelda tattoo during a post-workout shower.

“My first official cosplay ever was Robin,” GCG said during a 2020 interview with Gaycities.

“There were many Robins, but the one that resonated with me more than ever was Tim Drake. When I first started reading comics, he was Robin. He actually discovered who Batman was. Using his detective skills he determined Bruce Wayne was Batman. That’s awesome. He was a big nerd! I’ve been a nerd since I was five. Seeing a nerd become a superhero was something.”

For those uninitiated into GayComicGeek’s world of gayming and cosplay, we’ve assembled some of his hottest posts, both in and out of uniform. Gayme on!