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This Tennessee State Senator’s Idea of Family Values: Cheating With an Intern


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Married conservative elected official outed for cheating on his wife … by his mistress’ partner. No, we’re not talking about Sen. John Ensign.

Let’s go more local. It’s Tennessee State Sen. Paul Stanley. He stands accused of stepping out on his wife and two kids to diddle 22-year-old legislative intern McKensie Morrison. And it’s Morrison’s boyfriend Joel Palmer Watts who sounded the alarm after finding photos of the two on a memory card — and then trying to blackmail the senator. More surprising: All this went down in April, and the media is just jumping on the story now.

So why do you care? Because Stanley is another one of these traditional family values types — going so far as to say, laughably, “When you’re married, there’s a commitment there” — who championed a ban on gay adoption (with the clause that single heteros could still adopt).

Please, Mr. Stanley, enlighten us on which side of moral ineptitude you find yourself sitting on now?