kiss cam

This Twitter account is doing God’s work by documenting the steamiest gay makeouts in film & TV

A scene from "Spartacus' in which two muscled gladiators make out against a wall
Image Credit: ‘Spartacus: Vengeance,’ Starz

Twitter is a pale imitation of the social platform it once was, as wannabe “meme lord” Elon Musk reigns, hate speech runs rampant, and “bluechecks”—those who pay for the app’s services—clog up our feeds.

Still, there are users out there who make the so-called “Bird App” worthwhile, especially among the denizens of Gay Twitter™ who have a special knack for making lemonade out of lemons. (Take, for example, the way they turned this post from an anti-LGBTQ+ bigot into the first great meme of Pride Month ’23.)

One such user making Twitter a gayer, sexier, and all-around better place is @buckIeydiaz, whose account has made a habit of sharing high-quality GIFs of scenes from film and television where men are making out.

Case in point:

Whew, those two are going at it!

Where were we? So, anyway, these HD french kisses don’t appear to be the sole purpose of @buckIeydiaz’s account, but they’ve gradually become more frequent over the past month or so—and they’re starting to rack up some real numbers!

Like, this scene for the 2018 Facebook Watch series Turnt, featuring Never Have I Ever hottie Darren Barnett going in for a very seductive kiss, has over 46,000 likes—and the GIF itself has over 2.5 million views! That’s probably more people than actually tuned in to watch the series.

So, yeah, it gets pretty hot—in a PG-13 sort of way.

But beyond the softcore pleasures, @buckIeydiaz’s posts are something of an act of service, especially if you’re as eager to consume every bit of gay media as we are. The more they post, the more their Twitter feed becomes an unofficial catalogue of gay romances on film and television.

With so much to watch at all times, it can be difficult to know what deserves your attention. And though we have seen a shocking number of quote-unquote “LGBTQ+ series” get unceremoniously canceled, there are just as many shows that don’t announce themselves as such, but still feature substantial queer characters and relationships.

Did you know that, in its third (and final?) season, AppleTV+ comedy mega-hit Ted Lasso finally made space for a gay storyline? Well, thanks to @buckIeydiaz, now you do!

In fact, you should have your to-watch lists ready because scrolling through the feed will only inspire you to add more titles to it.

Legendary queer filmmaker François Ozon’s sexy short film The Summer Dress from 1996? CHECK.

Lie With Me, the new French drama based on the acclaimed novel from gay author Philippe Besson? CHECK!

The second season of Starz’s male nudity-friendly gladiator series, Spartacus? CHECK, PLEASE!

The list goes on and on. And while some of @buckIeydiaz’s post don’t mention the series or movie title, it does make for something of a fun guessing game (and, more often than not, someone will drop the answer in the replies).

Anyone know what this moment’s from?

Why, that’s Cody Kearsley and Austin Crute locking lips in Netflix‘s short-lived post-apocalypse teen comedy, Daybreak.

Anyway, there’s plenty more to enjoy on @buckIeydiaz’s feed—everybody say “thank you, @buckIeydiaz!” We’ll close things out by sharing a few more of our favorite moments of man-on-man action below: