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This Video Game Brought to You By FAGS. Oh, That’s Offensive?

Homophobia in video games? You don’t say! But what about videogames with anti-gay public service announcements? Starring professional athletes?

Call of Duty‘s new edition “Modern Warfare 2,” which drops Nov. 10, is being promoted with this fake PSA, voiced by Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels. As he tells it, he hates playing the game when opponents just randomly toss grenades about; that sort of thing is “for pussies.”

This message is brought to you by: “Fight Against Grenade Spam.” You know, FAGS.

Game maker Infinity Ward, which hoped the video would spread virally, yanked it. But everyone is just overreacting, right?

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  • Aaron

    Bleh, the joke was lame.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Why not have it flagged and banned on YouTube, you dumb fucks!

  • DeAnimator

    I’m torn between being offended by this and being amused because the fucking douchebags who play blatantly racist, nationalistic and homophobic games like that get laid the least. So I sort of feel like this is a great representation of that.

    Laugh about homos because none of you can get a girl to give you a second look. Plus those games are full of homoerotic subtext. So…they’re making fun of themselves…in a way.

  • DeAnimator

    Burn, Queerty, burn. Ouch.

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