This Wedding Turned Into The Dance Of The Sugar Bro Fairies

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.57.53 PMThis must happen all the time. A bunch of bros are kicking back, watching the game no doubt, when one of them has an idea.

“Hey, you know what would be tight?”

They set down their brews to listen. “So Tyler’s getting married soon. We should, like, choreograph an extended dance routine and totally surprise him.”

“Dawwww,” they excitedly exclaim in unison, already envisioning how sick it’s all going to go down.

But then one of them — let’s call him Edgar Allen Bro — breaks the chorus, suddenly concerned. “But guys, doesn’t that kind of make us seem…”

The sentence lingers, and for a second it looks like things might get awkward.

“…unprofessional unless we get it just right?” Ed continues. “I’m just saying, we’d better start practicing now — I’m thinking Destiny’s Child, maybe some Backstreet Boys am I riiiiight?!”

Well their hard work paid off. Take a look: