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This Year’s MTV Video Music Awards Were Dedicated to Michael Jackson. And Madonna’s Childhood

Aside from a certain rapper’s outburst, last night’s Video Music Awards were, impressively, quite good. Sure, the barrier wasn’t too high; MTV’s annual tween music fest is usually not worth clogging up your TiVo with. But then there was Pink flying through the sky. Lady Gaga hiding her penis. Beyonce pop-locking her wrist. Janet Jackson dancing with her brother (scroll above clip to 3:35). Oh, and Madonna talking about herself.

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  • Lloyd Baltazar

    I Love you Madonna!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • red phone

    I thought Madonna’s speech was great. The few moments she “talked about herself” were placed to illustrate how she connected with Michael Jackson and why she cared for him on a real level. But god forbid the woman release one breath without some people bitching about how that breath was cold, or calculated, or old, or self-serving, or whatever.

  • Jake

    Seems Madonna slightly fudged her age at the time of her mother’s death to make it fit more nicely into the Michael Jackson comparisons. Madonna was born in August 1958 and her mother died of breast cancer in December 1963, making her 5 years old at the time, not 6. The speech was otherwise not too bad.

  • Dave

    I’m not going to cut corners on this one. Janet’s lip synching really bothered me. The performance felt a bit disjointed. I thought MTV would go all out.She could have at least smiled…sure things have been tough, but she was honoring her brother’s life. A smile would have been nice. And a thank you for your support…

  • Geoff M

    I actually thought Madonna did a great job overall. Yeah the beginning was a bit uncomfortable but hey, she is who she is. No surprise Janet lipsynched, her dancing was impeccable and Beyonce? I just don’t get her. Of course Kanye wrapped the whole thing up w/a big egotistical bow. Fun night for MTV.

  • AlwaysGay

    Janet sounded very strange, like her voice is much lower. I thought Beyonce was great.

  • Trevez

    How do we know she was lip synching. Her voice sounded much higher like she was angry and you could tell by her facial expressions towards the end. I just it was longer. Oh yeah btw did anyone catch that guy failed at trying to do the infamous lean in front and all he did was bow. LOL

  • sal(the original)

    mtv lives for another year lol

  • V

    BET, y’all need to take a note from MTV: do the tribute the right way!

  • justin

    You Queerty bitches are unimaginative assholes. She was telling a fucking story. Get over yourselves.

  • Chris2XS

    I don’t think Jan was lipsynching, for one in the original version of the song she sang lower than most of her songs and she sounded very much live during the performance.

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