Thom Browne to Design Brooks Brothers


We’ve always had a soft spot in our heart for Brooks Brothers. Yeah, it may be the whitest, preppiest old-school fashion company in America, but they sure do make a nice shirt. (And, as revealed in the current issue of Men’s Vogue, Andy Warhol once wore only BB shirts and Levi’s. Not incidentally, there’s also a piece on Thom Browne.) Now, there’s even more reason to love the seemingly stodgy brand. They’ve just announced that Thom Browne, the hero of suit lovers everywhere, most well-known for his too-short suits, has signed on as a “guest designer,” conceiving 50 pieces to debut next Fall. According to Browne – who, may we add, is one of the hottest men we’ve seen in a long time – expect to see a few shades of gray. Ain’t nothing gray about this news, we’re psyched.

“Can Thom Browne Make Brooks Brothers Hip?” [Men’s Style]