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  • Qjersey

    Congratulations, now sell your book, make enough money to support your family and fade away.

  • L.

    Congrats, and I hope you will be able to give your family the best of lives.

  • Sug Night

    PLEASE fade away. Quickly. NOW.

  • Gonna Piss Folk Off

    I will doubtlessly piss some off by this but… Just because you dress like a man, doesn’t make you one – nor does it make you a father. I love the GLBTQRZ&$%#^*&:-D world sometimes. It seems to pander to and peddle so many delusions. If I go out and buy a dress and knock some chick up, does that make me that child’s mother? C’mon. I know, I know… If “he” feels that inside “he” is a “man”, then we have to respect that. Well, I feel like that inside I’m the ruler of all and should be paid in gold daily. Is that any more delusional? As was aptly stated in a movie once: “Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn’t make me Madonna. Never will.”

  • Cj Maciejeski

    He, Gonna, just because you believe anal sex is “normal” for you, doesn’t mean you won’t still burn in hell. Might piss ya off, but it’s the same logic. You sound just like those ol’ ex-gays. Mr. beatie can’t change how he feels about his mind and body any more than you can. Your opinion and the scientific research just don’t match. Read up on things, before you open your ass lips and fart out a response.

  • Lisa

    How can he be considered leagally a man when he has a vagina and a uterus? If you want to be a man then be a man. Men DON’T give birth.

  • missanthrope

    “How can he be considered leagally a man when he has a vagina and a uterus? If you want to be a man then be a man. Men DON’T give birth.”

    How can you be considered a sentient person without a brain? You don’t think, yet somehow you’re operating a computer somewhere out there.

    The mysteries of the universe astound me.

    And #4 is clearly Jason. *waves*

    Anybody want to rattle off some more transphobic posts? Let’s get them all done at once so I can get the daily dose of assholes out of my way for the day.

  • Jess

    I might be wrong, but I thought that he received a sex change and that he has a penis, but still has a uterus. I remember watching Oprah a long time ago, and I was pretty sure that Thomas said that he was giving birth via c-section.

  • Bob

    Bottom line…if Thomas still has all the working parts of a woman and wants to continue to give birth, they are a lesbian couple.

  • Gonna Piss Folk Off

    CJ and Miss: “Transphobic”? What would there be to fear? I just find the way in which the alphabet soup keeps trying to cram down our throats these delusions, to which we’re supposed to subscribe without question, as ridiculous and offensive. As for the delightfully stupid comment about going to hell for anal sex… Firstly, I don’t believe it’s normal; it’s delightfully abnormal. Secondly, do you really think there’s a hell? Do you really think there’s a god? Are you really laboring under the backwater belief that you will do anything more than rot in the cold earth after your passing. You’re as deluded as Beatie thinking the world buys that “he” is a man. Beatie is free to live his life as he chooses. I say, go for it! Be happy! Just don’t expect me (and apparently others, since you think I’m someone named “Jason”) to support your delusions cuz we won’t. Beatie is a human female. End of story. I can trick out an old Dodge and tell the world it’s a Lexus, but that doesn’t change reality.

  • Gonna Piss Folk Off

    Sorry, in rereading I see the Jason remark was toward Lisa. But, I bet Lisa isn’t Jason either. A lot of people, despite whatever manifesto you folks follow verbatim must decree, don’t agree with all these “queer” politics and are frankly sick of having a minority speak for and set the rules for us all.

  • Bob

    Plain and simple….men do not bith babies. If Thomas (notice I do not say ‘he’) wants to be a man, act like a man!!!

  • Bob

    Meant ‘birth’…sorry men don’t type well…lol…

  • EM

    What a bunch of fundie tw!ts we have in here tonight.

    If you had met them you would see they are the nicest sweetest most decent people who are prepared to face the world and all its hostility. You shouldn’t be up there screaming in their faces you bigoted sick morons, you should be celebrating the diversity of a life spent making a family happy, no matter how ‘odd’ it seems to you. These are our transgendered cousins and we should support each other, instead of coming across worse that a bunch of GOPers on speed.

    And Piss Folk you just like the sound of your own voice; tl;dr.

  • mssanthrope

    I like how people here think they have a right to define other people identities and how they should birth, raise and even if they should have children. Especially since straight people have been oppressing gays for millenia thinking that they have the very same right to judge and decide people’s destinies.

    If Thomas is a man and wants to have baby as a man so what? Why are you all so insecure? Why are you so afraid of how other people identify? This has absolutely zero affect on your daily life or your identity as male, female or whatever else.

    Yet we get a bunch of judgmental, small minded hate for Thomas on this blog.

    Invest in some therapy guys, many of you sound like you need it.

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