Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe And Jeremy Piven Skinny-Dipping Together. You’re Welcome

In Mark Pellington’s 2011 movie, I Melt With You, perennially pretty Rob Lowe, Hung actor Thomas Jane, muscle cub Jeremy Piven and British actor Christian McKay play four high-school friends who all pledged to kill themselves if their lives sucked 25 years after high school.

The flick, now available On Demand, didn’t get rave reviews, but it does have a closeted character and, more importantly, a long sequence of the actors bare-ass naked and skinny-dipping (NSFW). It may well be the best part of the movie for those of you who have absolutely no intention of watching it.


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  • WindReader

    Piven MIGHT be a muscle-cub if he didn’t wax himself to (the) death (of all his chest hair.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I wish they’d all kill themselves for real.

  • Allen D.

    So the guy who doesn’t have a perfect body gets cropped out & ignored? That’s dumb. Kudos to any actor who gets nekkid.

  • Cinesnatch

    Wow, Daniel, thanks for spoiling part of the movie.

    While I was excited to see this film when I saw the director’s name, the trailer makes it look like (mostly) straight upperclass white guys in mid-life crisis.

    I already saw The Big Chill.

  • MKe

    dull actor, over-rated actor, talented actor but huge douche. no thanks

  • ttl

    Take a pass. One is too old, one is a total dck, and the ‘hung’ one is like 3 feet tall….

  • steve

    This ad didn’t need to be over 2 mins long..

    But yeah wouldn’t it be wonderful if he turned out to be a queen?

  • steve


    Wrong thread for previous comment! A pitfall of the convenience of multiple tabs..

  • stevoj

    oh my f’n gawd what movie is this modeled after?! it has four childhood friends (now grown) who meet up every year at a cabin. one of the the guys dead-beat brother shows up and slowly the film unravels each of the guys problems/short-comings. one of them is gay and another is closeted

    … now i’m gonna be searching all day..

  • stevoj

    @stevoj: FOUND IT! Ice Men (2004); basically the same premise without the big hollywood budget and awful plot. should’ve reworked the title

    not a terrible movie. worth a boring tuesday afternoon

  • me

    Loved seeing part of Thomas Jane’s penor in Hung. Oh dog!

  • wayne

    Remember Rob Lowe in About Last Night… ? In my youth, I sure wanted to “buy him a sandwich.” Know what I mean?

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