Thomas Roberts On Media’s Hard, Queer Conditions

What would you do if hunky homo-journo Thomas Roberts hiked you out into the wilderness? Whatever it is, we bet you didn’t think “Interview him!”

Well, that’s what The Advocate‘s Sean Kennedy did – fool! – and got the 35-year old to open up on about his very public exit from CNN. Contrary to rumors, says Roberts, he was not fired suspiciously close to coming out. His contract was over and, you know, he had personal shit.

The boys then get into the reality of news television – and how it’s too conservative for an openly gay anchor. In fact, Kennedy shares some interesting insight into his own experience trying to nail Roberts. For an interview, that is:

…When I first inquired about an interview with Roberts before he started at The Insider, a spokesperson for the show instantly said no. When I followed up two months later, it was no dice again. Roberts says he doesn’t recall being contacted either time.

This January, though, he got involved directly, when I learned through a mutual contact that he was interested in talking. Yet when he ran the idea up the flagpole, he too was denied. Roberts won’t cite the reasons on the record, but he was clearly disappointed by the decision.

But then The Insider gave him the green light, Roberts let loose and the world continues to spin. Incredible!