Thomas Roberts Out At CNN

We know you all fell in love with Thomas Roberts after he came out at last year’s National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association conference. And you all wept as Roberts told Anderson Cooper about being molested by a priest. So we really hate having to tell you this, but the openly homo-journo will not be returning to CNN. A company memo read: “After five years, [Roberts] has decided to leave us, with intentions to settle in the Washington, D.C., area.”

Never fear, however – mediabistro intimates that Roberts may have signed a syndication deal, which would be great because then we’d have an entire show based around Roberts and his sexiness. Perfect for a news-filled wank.

Maybe it’ll be a talk show. That would be nice, too. Although, an openly gay man with a talk show would definitely piss of the lesbians. That’s their turf.