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Those Ads Depicting Mormons As Regular Everyday Folks? They Made Them For Ex-Mormons Too

The Mormon Church is in the middle of prepping America for the second coming of Mitt Romney, Presidential Candidate: an ad campaign touting Mormons as your regular surfing-loving, PTA-attending, Starbucks-drinking families next door, unlike those nasty homosexuals down the cul de sac. This is not one of those ads.

Instead, it’s a brilliant response featuring actual ex-Mormons. You know, people who left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like Robert.

He is just your average ex-Mormon, and since leaving the church, “I’ve never been happier. I believe in honesty and integrity, and those things just seem to be missing, even though the church seems to preach it so hard.”

The Mormon Church’s Normalization Television Campaign That Happens to Be Running In Swing States