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Those Ads Depicting Mormons As Regular Everyday Folks? They Made Them For Ex-Mormons Too

The Mormon Church is in the middle of prepping America for the second coming of Mitt Romney, Presidential Candidate: an ad campaign touting Mormons as your regular surfing-loving, PTA-attending, Starbucks-drinking families next door, unlike those nasty homosexuals down the cul de sac. This is not one of those ads.

Instead, it’s a brilliant response featuring actual ex-Mormons. You know, people who left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like Robert.

He is just your average ex-Mormon, and since leaving the church, “I’ve never been happier. I believe in honesty and integrity, and those things just seem to be missing, even though the church seems to preach it so hard.”

The Mormon Church’s Normalization Television Campaign That Happens to Be Running In Swing States

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  • Jeff K.

    Starbucks? Lol, Mormons can’t drink coffee!

  • ronn

    Well, that was boring. Someone should tell his girlfriend that he’s gay, too.

  • Mark

    A perfect response to the duplicitous efforts of the Mormon church to shift the focus away from their legacy of persecuting homosexuals via legislation and represent themselves as something they are not.

  • AlanInS.L.UT


    What makes you think this guy is gay? I didn’t know being boring = gay? You must be ultra drab then.

  • ronn

    @AlanInS.L.UT: I didn’t say he was gay because he’s boring, or boring because he’s gay. He’s boring AND gay.

  • Clint

    I need to make one.

  • Scot

    Just out of curiosity, if I said the mormom church was responsible for A September 11th massacre, would anybody know what I was talking about? Just asking.

  • Michael

    He should consider letting his hair grow back.

  • Tony


    Mountain Meadows was a long time ago…

  • MikenStL

    @Scot: I do now, just read the article about it on Wikipedia …

  • ricky lee

    ex-Mormons? Don’t people call that atheism?

  • Sam

    Just by the look of the ads surrounding the video, I would think that the man in the video IS gay- I don’t even have to watch the video. The fact that you are so unrelentingly ignorant of what CJCLDS members believe (as is evident in your poorly executed introduction in which you claim that Mormons hate gays), the nature of the people who fund the site (as is evident in the ads), and the pure irony of a man who leaves a religion because he believes in “integrity” while the “Sleaziest Moments of All Time” flashes below him is makes what he has to say hardly worth anyone’s time or consideration. There is a man lacking in intellectual honesty. If you search for a system of morality outside of an absolute, such as that taught in religious doctrines, I hope you are not surprised when social “morality” collapses when it ceases to be politically advantageous to be socially “moral.” This is just anti-religious diarrhea in print and video.

  • Little Kiwi


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