Those Are Some Dumb Homos

Two Arizonan queers clearly don’t respect traffic laws:

Two gay men who were in an argument at Phoenix’s Metro Center Mall risked killing themselves and motorists as they took their fight to the I-17 Freeway at rush hour. One of them had reportedly threatened to commit suicide. They were arrested shortly thereafter.

How long until Michael Savage turns this into some gay plot to run straights off the road and spread mayhem?

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  • DavidDust

    This used to happen all the time when I lived in Central Pennsylvania. Queens were always jumping dramatically out of cars in the middle of a lovers spat. Either that, or they would throw all their boyfriends music cassettes out the window while driving 80 mph. Wait, did I say cassettes?? Am I really that old??

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Goodbye, Bishop, Nigel and Norbert….

  • DavidDust

    Where you going Rev.?

  • GoldenShower

    Is this Andrew and David Unger?

  • Mikey

    How is their gayness relevant?

  • Dawster

    D R A M A !

  • matt123

    normal thing. they are gays, so it’s news?
    A gay on

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