Those Gay Penguins? They’re New Dads!


Gay parents make bad parents? Well sure, sometimes, but so do straight parents! That doesn’t seem to be the case with our latest favorite gay couple, though. Meet Z and Vielpunkt, two beauties who are raising their first adopted child. Z and Vielpunkt live in Bremerhaven, northern Germany. And just happen to be Humboldt penguins.

You might’ve heard about this pair back when zookeepers tried to “test” whether the couple were really gay, bringing a set of female penguins into their den, but gay rights activists got in a huff and the zoo changed its mind. Instead, they let them prosper as two gays, giving them a “rejected” egg after two heterosexual penguins abandoned it by pushing it out of their nest.

Now having kept that egg warm for 35 days, they’re the proud parents of a happy and healthy baby chick, who’s now about 1.5 months old (above).


And who says gay parents can’t provide for their kids? “The two daddies feed their offspring with fish mash that they chew up and regurgitate into its ever-open beak,” reports the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, the zoo has four other gay penguins, which means that place could be home to new adopted kids (and a fantastic cheese spread) sometime soon.

UPDATE: Video!