Thought of the Day: Amy Sullivan


“Many believe the Obama campaign was too naive about Warren’s political agenda heading into the Saddleback Forum. “They hadn’t done their research on Warren,” says one progressive religious figure. “Obama wasn’t prepared for the Saddleback thing at all, and Warren bushwhacked him.” Likewise, Obama’s senior staff was not aware of Warren’s most recent controversial comments – including his comparison of homosexuality to incest and his belief that the President of Iran should be assasinated – when they signed off on his selection for the Inauguration.

When Obama asked Warren to take part in the inauguration, he thought he was getting Pastor Rick. And on Tuesday Warren will undoubtedly deliver a blandly optimistic – if explicitly Christian – prayer of the sort that has made him popular with the tens of millions of Americans who have purchased his books. But the uproar that has accompanied his selection suggests Obama would do well to get to know the other Rick Warren as well, particularly if his administration intends to continue an ongoing relationship with the pastor.” —Amy Sullivan, in a feature for TIME titled, “Inaugural Pastor: The Two Faces of Rick Warren”