Thought of the Day: Daniel Radcliffe

daniel-radcliffe“Oh, yeah. I know I definitely caught it. Absolutely. My mom was a casting director and my dad was a literary agent and I was surrounded by gay men from a very young age. And I was the only boy in my class at school who had that kind of relationship with gay men. Most of my friends had parents who had proper jobs in banks and law firms so none of them had been exposed to homosexuality in the way I had—as a normal course of things. So they had a rather different attitude toward it than I…I know I’m guilty of it sometimes—when you know a gay guy has a crush on you it is the most flattering thing.” Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe on being a “fag-stag”.

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  • Ken

    It is ok Daniel, we understand you have to wait till the last movies are out before you can arrive. :)


  • Miss Understood

    What about when a pink-haired fake lady has a crush on you?

  • Monica Roberts

    Why all the attention on this “Lily White Fair Skinned White Boy” when it is a hundred transy grits being killed in the streeks every day just for not shaving or having they wig pulled down the right way?


    Yerse, I hate to SPLAIN it, but it is WHITE PRIVELEGE (check your wallet) that prevent y’all from being the subject of constant harrassment of police departments.

    I am not Sally Potter.. BUT I DO URINATE… in fact, I urinate A LOT.. enough, in fact, to attract the attention of whatever racist POPO is in attendance..

    and trust…

    Larry Craigs is not the ONLY person constantly being watch while they urinate.

    DAMN.. why is it SO HARD for the GAY KKK Whyte People to GET and understand how it




  • Legend

    Dan… I will admit to having a crush on you if you will admit to wanting me to DESTROY YOUR HOLE!



  • David Ezell

    Wow, a heterosexual who sees someone, regardless of what is between their legs, liking him, as a compliment. Maybe this mindset will one day trickle to the provinces.

  • Tallskin


    I have to EXPLAIN (not “splain” whatever the fuck that silly contraction is meant to express!) that wittering on about urinating with no point is not witty or amusing. Or is that “Streek” talk??

    And is learning how to spell and write using the correct syntax also “WHITE PRIVELEGE” ??? (perhaps if you corrected these basic problems then you might become employable and find your wallet somewhat fuller!)

    Not sure what drugs you’re on but you’re really very boring and NOT at all interesting.

    However, I digress.

    Daniel is a real cutie. Can I just say that is If he were available I would shag him rotten?

  • Me

    Thanks, Tallskin. You saved me from having to. GAWD! Anyway, back to Danny Boy. Ahhhhhh…. Le Sigh. Generally youngsters do so little for me, but he’s such a cutie, so genuine, and seems to be somewhat of an “old soul”. Love the fur, too!

  • Sandra O'Connor

    @Monica Roberts: What is this bitch talking about?

  • bb

    fag-stags are the best: all the male energy of gay guys, none of the drama.

    i hope this becomes a trend: genuinely straight guys being friends with gay guys and it not being a big deal. the straight-guy-with-gay-friends-must-be-gay attitude puts us all in behavior boxes (you know, like i did above with that comment about drama) and puts pressure on friendships that should just be easy.

    meanwhile, i’m the biggest hypocrite in the world, since i can accept that a generalized straight guy who declares his fagstagness is straight, as he says, but i can’t accept that this “straight” boy is because his best friend is a girl/his co-star emma watson/not his male co-star and because he doesn’t have high-profile romances. but mostly it’s just cause i want him. so much. and i don’t even like harry potter. *sigh* at least he thinks it’s a compliment.

  • brentbent

    Ram your wizarding wand in my magic boy hole!

  • leon

    Thank you Monica,
    I wonder why people waste alot of time writing crap that they can only read by themselves.

    Trust me i also admire Daniel and i think i would fuck him bare if i got a chance of meeting him

  • Charles

    It’s so refreshing to see someone like Radcliffe as quite surprisingly brilliant on this subject matter. It’s like he is an old soul yet young. Yes, he has finally and of very recent, starting to become attractive in appearance, but to me, what is far more attractive about him is the person inside. I would just love to share the unbiased knowledge of what I have learned about being gay with him that few if any in society even know about, let alone talk about. By giving this heterosexual (gay understanding young man) more historically accurate knowledge about us, about who we were then versus who we are today, this is by far the best tool, the best gift any of us can give him.

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