Thought of the Day: David Link

41fbd8c100276f0769770205fc282912th“While it is a matter of political cliché to assume that judges act in bad faith and on their personal whims – and there is certainly evidence that some judges in this country are guided by their political beliefs – I challenge anyone of good will to provide evidence that the justices of California’s Supreme Court engage in that kind of abuse of power. Let me say for the record that I have followed this court very closely for a couple of decades now, and I believe its present justices are among the most apolitical I have ever seen.

The questions before them are impossibly hard to answer. But they are structural questions about the fundamental rules of the democracy. The answers the court provides will not be a “victory” for gays or for religious believers. They will do no more than guide Californians in taking our next steps.

This will come as a shock to the perpetually shockable, but this ruling like the court’s last ruling on marriage, will not end the debate.” — Author and attorney David Link on how the California Supreme court hearing on Prop. 8 will be one of the most difficult it will ever hear, not because of gay rights, but because of constitutional rights.