Thought of the Day: Kevin Naff

picture-114“As [Ted] Haggard attempts to rehabilitate his image and promote the film, it’s important that mainstream media outlets like Oprah and CNN not allow him to spew anti-gay rhetoric about “curing” or “changing” sexual orientation.

Haggard is a closeted gay man and any assertions to the contrary that go unchallenged by Oprah, King or others will only contribute to the false and destructive notion that gays can change. Reparative therapy has been debunked by every credible medical association in the world and it’s the responsibility of interviewers like Oprah and King to hold Haggard accountable to facts and not let him disparage gays with his “I’ve changed” propaganda.

We’ll be watching to make sure they don’t shirk their responsibilities.”– Washington Blade Editor Kevin Naff, writing about Ted Haggard’s media appearances this week in a blog post titled, “Do the Right Thing, Oprah.”