Thought of the Day: Marc Ambinder

marc1“It’s tough to be a Republican presidential candidate and try to handle the gay issue. [Former MA Governor Mitt] Romney was caught in a trap of sorts.It’s true that he never unambiguously supported civil unions; he ran for governor opposing both gay marriage and civil unions while favoring domestic partnership agreements.

Of course, it seems quaint now, but in pre-gay marriage Massachusetts, the idea of granting reciprocal rights to same-sex couples was considered progressive for a Republican. Later, the issue of marriage equality became the sine qua non of the gay rights movement — thanks largely to the Massachusetts Goodrich decision.

Civil unions were a term of art used to refer to the arrangements that Vermont’s legislature had made to comply with a state supreme court decision of their own); the implication, though, was what Romney’s “domestic partnership” support was equivalent to a the support of civil unions, at least as a concept…

In defense of Romney and others, though, the terrain on gay rights has been shifting so fast that most politicians in the middle have been caught out in the cold — both moderate Republicans who find their “progressiveness” on gay issues is no longer so compelling to LGBT voters, and moderate Democrats who find themselves on the wrong side of a signal civil rights issue.

(To that end, Obama will be probably be the last Democratic presidential nominee to oppose same-sex marriage.)”– The Atlantic columnist Marc Ambinder reflecting on Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s decision to support civil unions and what it means for future political races.

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  • Sebbe

    Japh – I’m not a stickley for grammar, but you might want to do a re-read of this article in several spots.

    for example – Obama will be probably be the last

  • Sebbe

    Oh its a quote never mind – cheers.

  • Japhy Grant

    I actually started to copyedit Ambinder’s quote, but gave up after the first couple of sentences and putting a bunch of sic’s’ seemed petty.

  • Sebbe

    I agree. At first I was thinking Japh must of had a really good night, before realizing it was Ambinder.

  • Bruno

    The gay marriage issue may have been whizzing by Gov. Romney, but that didn’t mean he had to invoke a 90 year old racist law to keep those outside the state from marrying there, and apply it homphobically. I’ll always remember Romney for that first.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I also like how the decisions of the GOP to push for gay marriage bans as a wedge issue the faults of the class they choose to victimize. It’s like saying to me as a black guy it’s my fault they choose to install Jim Crow. If I hadn’t gotten so uppidy, things would have been okay. It totally denies a) the bigotry and b) the GOP participation in the bigotry.

  • Sebbe

    @the gay numbers – good point

  • getreal

    @The Gay Numbers: Wow! Good point I’m going to use that!!

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