Thought of the Day: Monica Roberts

“One of the things that’s not sitting well with me right now is seeing some elements of the liberal-progressive side and especially the GLBT blogosphere criticizing President-elect Obama before he’s even had a chance to take the oath of office.

Several GLBT bloggers have already declared in their wisdom that he’s the worst president on GLBT issues since Clinton, he doesn’t care about us, and other bullshit du jour they can come up with.

I note that most of the criticism is coming from those same mostly white GLBT peeps who supported Hillary in the Dem primary…

I’m not saying that President Obama should be immune to criticism. What I and the African-American community are talking about here is simple fairness. We see it as shady that you’re blasting the man before he’s even taken the oath of office and had time to prove what type of president he’ll be for the GLBT community. Hell, y’all gave George W. Bush’s idiot savant behind more slack than you’re giving the presidential brother.”– Transgendered blogger Monica Roberts of TransGriot, writing in a post titled ‘Damn Gay People, Can A Brother Get Inaugurated Before You Write Him Off?

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  • Leland Frances

    Sounds like Jasmyne Cuntnick and Ms. Monica have been sharing the same toilet seat. Who knew black racism and stupidity generally were communicable diseases?

    And someone please warn “the African American community” that someone has appointed herself its spokesperson.

  • ChicagoJimmy


    The criticism has been very specific about appointments he’s made and invitations he’s extended. He’s also been criticized for apparently being totally unaware of LGBT protests about Prop 8 since he hasn’t said anything about.

    I don’t know anyone and haven’t read anyone who is seriously judging his “presidency” or his positions on LGBT issues. What I have seen is people talking very loudly about the promises he made to our community during the election, the expectation that those promises be kept, and the promise that if we do get screwed over again like we did by Bill Clinton, we’re not just going to sit around and take it.

  • Miss Understood

    I agree. While I do think we should always make our voices heard when bad decisions are made (Rev. Whatshismame, etc), I still think it’s silly to make broad negative statements considering the fact that we are going to actually have an intelligent and in many ways progressive president after 8 years of Bush! I say complain about the issue without knocking him down.

  • RomanHans

    I’m with #2: Queerty, you gonna call bullshit on this? Ask Ms. Roberts which blog declares Obama “the worst president on GLBT issues since Clinton.” I’ve seen some stupid bloggers in my time but nobody yet who’s quite that dumb.

  • BrianZ

    Well he certainly hasn’t waited to take office to begin taking a stand: Rick Warren, postpone dealing with Don’t Ask, no-show on Prop 8, no gays in his cabinet.

    Spare me the racial indignation, and the vieled accusation of racism: THAT card is played out.

    So “several GLBT bloggers” who she claims to know for certain are ” those same mostly white GLBT peeps who supported Hillary” … If that isn’t Fox News I don’t know what is.

  • Rebecca Juro

    Speaking as one of those bloggers Monica has criticized, I’ll say here what I’ve said elsewhere: It’s not about race (as Monica seems to believe) it’s about credibility. We got lots of pretty-sounding promises during the campaign, but once the election was won, the first thing we got from Obama was Rick Warren.

    As a transperson, I’ve learned not to trust politicians unless I see actual evidence that they are worthy of that trust. Words, whether they come from Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, or any other politician have proven worthless unless and until they are backed up with action.

    Thus far, post-election (and post-Prop 8) Obama’s actions do not at all match what he was saying during the campaign. Now we find out that he’s flip-flopped repeatedly on same-sex marriage, just like Frank, Pelosi, and that crew have flip-flopped repeatedly on transgender equality.

    Where’s the change? Clinton had gays in his administration, but that certainly didn’t stop him from screwing us over as soon as it became politically convenient for him.

    As far as waiting until he’s in office, I don’t see why we should. If we can’t even count on Obama to treat us respectfully during a party, how is it reasonable to expect it from him once he’s President?

  • rickroberts

    OK, Monica, sweety, honey, I’ll reserve my criticism of BO until after the inauguration. Then he’s fair game.

    It should have been Hillary.

  • Rebecca Juro

    Oh and just for the record, I was never a Hillary supporter.

  • Nick

    Presidents get criticized, even before they’re president. It’s part of the deal.

  • Celia

    People are going to have a comedown after the euphoria of this apparently wonderful, intelligent, kind person (all that, and black, too!) being elected leader of the free world. Perhaps some of it is to do with racism – I can’t speak for everyone – but some of it is also to do with people being annoyed/embarrassed that Obama turned out not to be as golden as they’d built him up. Obviously, nobody can be that glorious as to do nothing wrong, but people (myself included, I cast no stones) get funny ideas.

    Furthermore, after a bollock-brain like Bush, people are going to be watching the new president like a hawk for any signs of potentially country-melting stupidity. It’s broadly similar to the way someone who has suffered abuse is going to be easier to anger or frighten than someone who hasn’t.

  • Sean

    The current criticism is a warning to Obama to let him know we are watching him and we will speak out. We are not like the Bushies who were expected to walk in lock step with the President. We are making sure our voice is heard to remind Obama that we supported his cause and expect respect when it comes to our issues and let him know the boundaries we will or will not let him cross. There is no immediate turncoat status to be assigned on either side here, we are just beginning the fight and expect his support in quid pro quo fashion the next four years. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • RichardR

    Monica: I’m proud to be a supporter of Barack Obama and his presidency. The reason the “GLBT blogosphere [is] criticizing President-elect Obama before he’s even had a chance to take the oath of office” is that he’s seriously blundered before he’s taken the oath. We’d have criticized any president-elect who chose Rick Warren to share the Inaugural spotlight. And a few of us may have written him off, but many of us have high hopes, great expectations, and full intentions to hold him to his promises.

  • Darth Paul

    @RichardR: Such ‘expectations’ are ill-advised.

    I think Rebecca Juro has the correct perspective. Politicians, like any other citizen, are concerned with keeping their jobs; not literally unfolding idealist dreams. It’s only logical that they CTA by appealing to the broadest base possible…and let’s face it: queers are in no way exclusive or deserving of special attention in their eyes. Axiomatically, it’s stupid to pin your dreams and fantasies on any one person (much less a politician!).

    And to be realistic, what the hell are WE gonna do about it if Obama doesn’t produce what we demand? Vote Republican? Good luck with *that*.

  • FNT


  • petted

    Actually I think I’ve seen some commentators make claims like she’s complaining about but I haven’t seen any bloggers make that claim at least not gay bloggers – I bet there’s at least a dozen right wing nut jobs saying he’ll be the worst president since Clinton but that’s kind of expected. I will note that she makes a lot of assumptions whether it be about people’s race or who they supported in the primaries and what constitutes constructive criticism to which I note that none of us should be throwing the baby out with the bath water and that goes for her ( yes I’m referring to both President in waiting Obama and vocal criticism as the baby (there’s work that has to be done, & acting like everything is going dandy is downright foolish which I believe we agree on but honey the tone a president sets in making his appointments and in how he conducts himself prior to entering office doesn’t magically change once he’s in office it may be early for criticism but I’d rather he address some of these criticisms now then later which I believe he has been doing and fairly well all thing considered – as to why people didn’t complain about Bush (well some of us did in 2000 lady) there wasn’t a lot of point in criticizing someone as deaf and dumb as a door post though many of us did at the time anyway) ). I need to stop writing posts arguing two conflicting points at once it gets to be a gordian knot making sure your covering everything adequately – and now forthwith to something of more immediate concern.

  • Bob

    I am already sick to death of the African-American community’s insistence we NEVER EVER EVER EVER say or think anything remotely critical of Obama. How many times are we going to see the race card played during the next four years? And for that ridiculous claim that whites wanted Hillary — Obama won the Iowa caucuses. Hillary finished third. The state is 94% white. Do the math.

  • Rob

    @Bob: I’m sick of the LGBT community’s insistence that we NEVER EVER EVER EVER talk about race and the fact that, just maybe, some of this criticism is a little over the top and racially-tinged. The fact that all of this so-called “criticism” popped off after Prop 8 and all the ugly racial stuff that was spewed then. This community kills me. We sat idly by and cruised and circuit parties while the Bush Administration screwed us over left and right, and NOW all of a sudden it’s time to throw daggers at the most gay-positive president in U.S. history?

    I guess the president isn’t immune to what Blacks in the professional world already know: you have to be twice as better as everyone else to be given half the slack.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Is she a log-cabin Republican?

  • Michael W.

    Iowa? LOL, that was a caucus state. Sure Obama out hustled her but there’s no telling how it would’ve turned out if it was a primary state based on popular vote.

    Hillary still won the majority of white people when it was all said and done. In most other majority white places she cleaned his clock. Can’t imagine what her percentage of the gay vote was (75%? 90%?).

    White gays couldn’t wait to exact vengeance and throw Obama under the bus. He appointed Hillary Secretary of State for crying out loud, breathing new life into her career that she’d never have as a Junior Senator, and they’re still cantankerous over her “treatment.”

  • BrianZ

    @Michael W.: People who view politics through the emotional lens of fanaticism scare me. Obsess much?

    Perhaps you should drop the fake indignation. Faux outrage and scape-goating of Clinton supporters and just say what you mean: You are too emotionally invested in Obama to allow for anything other than success, much less allow for any dissenting point of view.

    Funny how both ends of the political spectrum really don’t differ so much in method, or madness.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I am very disturbed at the “Cry Racist Wolf” with fake quotes by Ms Roberts. White people supported Obama, black people supported Hillary and both black and white people supported both! Your narrow spectrum of racism has just outed you as a “Reverse-Racist” by using made up quotes to justify your rant about racism.

    This is not about RACE.

    This is about DENIAL!

    P.E Barack Obama has a homophobic record although he has a pro-gay rhetoric. Some of us want equal rights and the rest will settle for bones.

    I want to marry my husband and this President has stated numerously that he does not support my Constitutional Rights. Those who put their race before their sexuality are simply “Gay Denialists!”

  • sparkle obama

    this is all too unattractive.
    look at some of these trash trying to discredit the lady’s letter with such unexamined hostility.
    it’s embarrassing for me!
    i’m going swimming for a couple days and i need you kids to simmer down/look in the mirror…

  • Mister C

    OKAY I hear you Sparkle,

    All she asked was a DAMN question. And Ms Leland (it’s snowing all over my face) Frances says.
    “Who knew black racism and stupidity generally were communicable diseases?’

    You vile idiot. Well what do YOU do in Philadelphia for the African American LGBT community? And of course some of these folks along with Leaflet Francnosis!are still rabid Hillary supporters who felt FORCED to vote for Obama. You didn’t have to do it. There was McInsane/Stalin.

    Okay you’re not racist,nor prejudice. But in 4 years save yourself time and VOTE REPUBLICAN. You won’t have a chance to criticize one of them. Because they’re going to ignore you once they take office and DO NOTHING WHAT SO EVER for this community. And you can scream for ice cream and it will fall on deaf ears.

    Then what?????? Queens are never satisfied!

  • Michael W.

    @BrianZ: Hillary works for Obama now. How’s it feel, fuckboy? Bet you never thought it was possible about 10 months ago when you were out there knocking on doors with your Hillary 2008 button, trying to reach as many of those “working class whites” as you could.

  • BrianZ

    @Michael W.: Ah, must have managed to get under your skin. Good. Don’t bother trying to get under mine, your mental prowess falls short of the requirements.

    How sad for you. Pathetic is really the word I’m looking for there. But, go ahead and put yourself out there: I’m sure Obama would be proud of you, I know the rest of us are.

  • petted

    Guys lets try to focus on what we have in common and cut out the verbal attacks, there are valid points that could be made on either side but I think this has ended up going in a different direction. No more nastiness please guys, it brings nothing of value to the table, it only divides the community and what point does that serve? There are constructive conversations that can be had and there are certainly other groups/individuals who are more deserving of our anger. Later guys n gals

  • mark

    Ms. Roberts,

    Yes I’m white, like MILLIONS of others who helped elect Barack Obama. I was angry after the Donnie McClurkin incident, but put that behind me as soon as Huckabee won a primary. Then I donated more to Obama’s campaign than any other candidate, and supported him and believed what he and Michelle were telling OUR community.
    Choosing Warren to spit on me on day ONE, having josh DuBois cozy up to the MOST DANGEROUS and MOST HATEFUL Bible thumping f*cktards like Lamb and Tony Perkins, and selecting Tim Kaine to head the DNC, Obama has done MORE to anger queers in the shortest amount of time I recall, and I go back to Eisenhower.

  • mark

    btw. I never supported Hillary

  • Monica Roberts

    Shaking my head as the GLBT peeps here prove my point.

    Once again the responses here point out why the white GLBT community has a race problem. You’re quick to throw shade and cast aspersions on others who don’t look or think like you, but can’t take it when people criticize you (especially people of color) or simply point out a reality that doesn’t neatly fit in with your white privilege filtered version of the world.

    By the way, I consider being compared to Jasmyne Cannick an honor. Too bad y’all are so busy hating on her you failed to notice that she was named by ESSENCE Magazine as one of the top 25 women leaders in the AA community and was a founding member of the National Black Justice Coalition.

    Is it the fact that Jasmyne shut down a Chuck Knipp minstrel show in LA why y’all hate her so much?

    But back to my point which I will repeat once again. We African Americans still see it as shady that you are leveling criticism at a man who hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet, and has yet to prove what type of president he’ll be for the GLBT community.

  • DaleM

    Obama took a lot of heat, during the primaries and over the summer, on LGBT blogs for not being wholly supportive of our issues. No one should be surprised now that he is not our politician – he doesn’t belong to us. Criticism of his unsupportive views and actions are reasonable, but we need to be measured in our opposition.

    Many in our community acted as if Obama was the second coming of Satan when he picked Rick Warren for the inaugural invocation. Look, Warren’s views are slimy, but Obama is a politician, and wants to satisfy multiple constituencies. We are just one of them, and not the most important one either.

    As a community we need to get over the idea that Obama is betraying us. Yes, he could do more, but he could very well do less. There is a saying: “If you want to have allies, you have to be an ally.” Obama understands this. We need to understand it, too.

    Monica’s point is that, as a community, we have poor relations with the black community and our obsessive criticism of Obama is making that problem worse. I think that her voice is valuable, that she is likely right, and that we would do well to pay heed.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    F–k you for sharing, Monica.

  • rickroberts

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    Ditto. Sometimes you just have to realize it’s not worth your life energy to engage, say STFU, and move on.

  • Nick

    Okay it’s obvious she just wants attention, because every president is criticized long before he takes office. I can’t believe she’s already forgotten the demonstrations against George W. Bush during and after the 2000 recount.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Ms Roberts (AKA Sparkle Obama) will be on O’bummer’s Whistle Stop tour to Dachau (er, DC) but what’s the difference if you are a second class citizen in Obama’s America. I understand that some African-Americans who are gay put their race before their sexuality because of pervasive racism as opposed to codified homophobia. “Proud to be Black but ashamed to be Gay” is quite common in the African-American community, and sometimes out of fear of acts of anti-gay violence.

    There are some heinous comments by some angry white males, but your analogy that all white gay men are privileged is what makes you a “Racist” Yes YOU, Ms Thing! Own it because that is what the heart of a racist looks like in the mirror as Hate comes in ALL colors and creeds. Maybe you are angry with Gay White Men because as a transgendered person, you see your plight as co-opted by Gays in Leadership roles who resemble the Gay White Community and appear (at least on sitcoms) to have progressed further.

    Rather than attacking racists by becoming one, maybe you need to take a look at yourself and make some outward improvements like applying your lipstick evenly to accentuate your top lip, using powder to cover the shine on your face, not wearing an 80s boy haircut, discreetly off-setting your masculine arms, shaving before being photographed, not wearing a blouse resembling vomit and maybe getting a curtain for your window in your studio apartment might lead to a person who is happier inside and not feeling threatened by a Gay White Male (who might give you a make-over.) Maybe then you can walk with your head held high in your neighborhood and not be busted as a “failed gay” then you can move on from the prism you have created for yourself.

  • Rebecca Juro


    This is completely uncalled for. Regardless of how much you or any of us may agree or disagree with Monica’s point of view, attacking her appearance is out of line and offensive. Is this really the best you can do? How about speaking to the real issues being discussed?

    “Failed gay”? I don’t even know what that means.

  • Monica Roberts

    This comment thread is a sterling example of not only why the white gay community has a problem building coalitions with Black GLBT people, it has a problem getting support PERIOD for their issues.

    Your unacknowledged white privilege and myopia causes you to refuse to listen to anyone that’s not white that has an opinion or advice that will help you. Little do you also realize is that your behavior is being observed by the very people who you wish to have help you with you policy concerns.

    It’s no accident that the 2002 Task Force ‘Say It Loud I’m Black And I’m Proud report and the 2000 BPS survey showed that one of the major issues that Black GLBT people have with white GLBT is racism is GLBT orgs and clubs.

    So throw that shade…have a ball. You just continue to prove mine and GLBT peeps of color points for the whole world to see that white gays still have not (and refuse to) address the racism in their own ranks.


  • Nick

    You’re not exactly building bridges here, either.

  • rickroberts

    Guys, stop feeding the beast. This woman is a nutcase.

  • rioTgirl


    So a Trans*woman of color voices an opinion contrary to what makes your world go ’round and you bust her on her MAKEUP… her ARMS… her HAIR??? That’s what you bring?

    When one person calls an individual/group/organization racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, ableist, classist there could be some room for explanation, questioning, even dismissal. When a number of people level the same accusation time and time and time again – guess what?

    Being queer doesn’t make one immune to privileges. It is beyond time that the G&L b (t) takes a look at a movement that was started by poor trannies of color and turned into a political country club with all the elitism that implies.

  • DaleM

    RickRoberts, Monica is not being a nutcase. She is voicing an opinion which is shared by many in the black community. Instead of dismissing her because her opinion makes you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you should ask what you can do to fix the rift between our community and the black community.

  • Nick

    Privilege is kind of a nonsequitur when the issue at hand is a comparison of our sexual orientation to beastiality, etc. But now that you mentioned it, the president is pretty privileged right? He has lots of constitutional prerogatives that the rest of us don’t have.

  • Polar

    @Leland Frances:

    First of all, comparing Monica with Ms. Cannick is a compliment. I respect Jasmine Cannick quite a bit, for telling the truth, even if I disagree with her at times.

    The slagging of Obama is ridiculous. He supports passage of fully inclusive ENDA and Hate Crimes bills. He favors the end of DADT. He is willing to repeal the Federal DOMA. He’s firmly on record with all these positions. Heckofa lot better than George Bushit or John McLame, wouldn’t you say? What more do you want?

  • blessed

    @petted: i think you haven’t been paying attention to all the comments, many white gay&lesbians have been making, around the whole Prop 8 thing and Obama. many white gay and lesbians, who call themselves liberaal activists, have made their business to blame the black community and many different churches for the Prop 8 existing. it is stastically impossible for the black community to have defeated that bill and as for the churches, why is anyone surprised. however, no one in that group of folks blaming everyone, is looking at the lack of money used to promote and educate people, outside of their community. obviously HRC and th eother community organizations didnt think it was worth giving the cali community the money that was necessary, but somehow that is everyone else’s fault. PLEASE, GIVE US BLACK LGB&especially MY TRANSPEEPS, a break.

  • Monica Roberts

    I didn’t ask for my commentary to be posted here, the Queerty editors selected it.

    In the face of all the negativity that I and other African-American GLBT people receive from you peeps, why should I or ANY African-American wish to ally with you given your negative track record over the last 40 years?

    You’re the ones with the clearly demonstrated problem of working well and playing nice with others, especially when ANYONE dares to say anything that doesn’t neatly line up with your nice ‘Leave It To Beaver’ world.

    And I find it bitterly ironic that you let loose with the racist invective on Dr. King’s 80h birthday.

  • Renee

    I followed a link from transgriot here and do I ever regret it. This thread is largely filled with commenters throwing around their unearned white privilege left right and center. FYI to accuse someone of “playing the race card” is RACIST. This is our lives it is not some card in a game. In fact it is no different that saying gay people have a lifestyle instead of a life.

    People are suspicious because lets face facts the community was firmly in camp Hilary until the end of the primaries. While you sit here on cyber space and whine about Obama how much attention do you think you would have gotten from McCain, or his honey Palin? How much love have you gotten from an Republican from Reagan down? So damn it give the man a chance. He is a centrist and will probably get a lot more wrong than he will right but pitching a fit before you see what he can do is ridiculous. Oh btw in case you forget your economy is in the tank and you are in engaged in a war on two fronts so I suspect Obama is just a wee bit busy.

  • Delores Mouton

    What is a Transy Grits?

  • Delores Mouton

    Scream LAUGH. You clocked sister. And that was a GOOD pic of “her.” You should have seen her back in the 80’s in Houston when she tried drags. lol

  • Matt Comer

    While I agree with the general premise of Monica Roberts’ post, I am a little offended by her willy-nilly use of blanket statements that, intentionally or not, indict the whole white LGBT community for the sins of the few.

    I’m all for open discussion. I’m all for saying like it is. I’m all for calling out white privilege where and when it exists (thanks to Rev. Irene for these lessons), but I am NOT for making blanket characterizations of whole communities.

    That’s what Monica’s done in this post with statements like “the white LGBT community” and “white LGBT blogosphere.”

    Although Monica had a little foreword (“not all white GLBT peeps exhibit this behavior”), her later use of blanket labels is unacceptable.

    We shouldn’t stand for stereotyped images or language about black people, and we shouldn’t accept it when stereotyped images or languages are used against white people, either. Fair is Fair.

    Further… I’m extremely, extremely offended (“outraged” and “pissed off” would be better words) that Monica Roberts has compared white gays to the Ku Klux Klan. As an LGBT Southerner (as is Monica – she should know these lessons already), I’m outraged that my entire community is being compared to a group of people (or people influenced by that group’s legacy) that would just as quickly beat or kill me as they would Monica.

    The KKK is nothing to joke or play around with.

    Several times, students at N.C. State University have tried to organize a KKK chapter. In the late 1990s, several pro-LGBT messages painted in NCSU’s “Free Expression Tunnel” were defaced with violent messages.

    (Photo credit: NC State University GLBT Center)

    (Photo credit: NC State University GLBT Center)

    Notice how one of the messages is displayed right under announcements for African-American History Month.

    Does anyone seriously think the KKK-organizing and this type of anti-gay hatred and violence are unrelated? Whether she intended it or not, Monica Roberts has thrown all white gay people, perhaps all white people, into the same group as the KKK.

    I sure as hell know I’m not the same as the KKK. I know my 80-year-old grandpa isn’t the same either.

    “No body ever knew who they were. They weren’t public. I never really did care for them much,” my grandpa told me when I once asked him if he ever knew people in the KKK. “They did a whole lot of hurt and caused a whole of pain to a lot people who didn’t deserve it.” He went on to use words like “downright terrible” to describe the things he saw. I could see the anger in his eyes when he talked about remembering them riding though town.

    Perhaps we should be more careful about how we throw around the KKK’s hateful and murderous legacy.

    I think Monica Roberts owes an apology to all of the white gay people and white straight people who have stood up against the KKK since their inception. I think she owes an apology to all the gay people who’ve suffered directly at the hands of the KKK, or indirectly from the hateful legacy they’ve left in the South.

    And I think she should be more careful about how she paints the entire white gay community based on her contempt for the exhibited white privilege of a few, anonymous users at

  • Polar

    I’d say that those of you who are criticizing Monica on the basis of a poor-quality picture (that was taken many years ago with a disposable camera, then digitized – I know when the pic was taken) are certainly using, if not a KKK technique, a technique used by Fox News and conservatives in general: change the agenda from the subject to the speaker. I remember a guy who used to do that sort of thing, a raving alcoholic named Joseph McCarthy. Come to think of it, Roy Cohn did this very sort of thing too, and he was a gay man.

    The fact is that Obama should be judged on his performance in office, which he doesn’t occupy until tomorrow. While he’s on record as being discomfited with gay marriage (which is much more a states rights issue than a Federal issue, anyway), he is firmly on record as supporting most of the Federal GLBT rights agenda. John McCain was on record as opposing all of it. Will Obama deliver? Let’s see. He takes office tomorrow. There are 2 foreign wars in progress, and an economy that is in a dangerous state. I’m sure he’ll get to the gay agenda. I’m sure it won’t be immediately. Does that mean he’s opposed? No. It means he’s a busy politician. We’ve waited for many years, we can let him get it done in due time. Gay marriage being pushed ahead of the more-necessary and politically practical ENDA and hate crimes bills, and the resultant backlash in most of the US, has slowed GLBT rights down in most states more than Barack Obama ever will.

    What Monica wrote is only racist, if it applies to you. If you look in the mirror and see a racist, you might as well admit it. I suspect many who’ve written here do shave the face of a racist, or at least an antitrans person, in front of their mirrors. Many here are not racists, and don’t. Only you, yourselves, know for sure. From her angle, it looks like the racist glove fits many here.

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