Thought of the Day: Monica Roberts

“One of the things that’s not sitting well with me right now is seeing some elements of the liberal-progressive side and especially the GLBT blogosphere criticizing President-elect Obama before he’s even had a chance to take the oath of office.

Several GLBT bloggers have already declared in their wisdom that he’s the worst president on GLBT issues since Clinton, he doesn’t care about us, and other bullshit du jour they can come up with.

I note that most of the criticism is coming from those same mostly white GLBT peeps who supported Hillary in the Dem primary…

I’m not saying that President Obama should be immune to criticism. What I and the African-American community are talking about here is simple fairness. We see it as shady that you’re blasting the man before he’s even taken the oath of office and had time to prove what type of president he’ll be for the GLBT community. Hell, y’all gave George W. Bush’s idiot savant behind more slack than you’re giving the presidential brother.”– Transgendered blogger Monica Roberts of TransGriot, writing in a post titled ‘Damn Gay People, Can A Brother Get Inaugurated Before You Write Him Off?