Thousands Join Gay Pride March In Mumbai

Some 2,000 participants joined a march for LGBT rights in the Indian city of Mumbai on Saturday.

The fifth Queer Azaadi (“Freedom”) March began and ended at the August Revolution Ground, where Gandhi called for Indian independence more than 70 years ago. This time, demonstrators were calling on the Indian government not to overturn the 2009 court decision that decriminalized homosexuality.

Though the group was initially denied permits, organizers met with police and were eventually given permission to march.

“I march as a queer citizen of the world’s largest democracy to let people know that even I exist!,”  organizer Pallav Patankar told Gay Star News. “More young people come up on stage and speak about their sexuality, we also had straight allies come up on stage and support us.”

A similar rally was held in Hyderabad, though authorities had also initially refused to allow demonstrators to march.