Threads From DykesInTheCity


It seems lesbians wear more than just Birkenstocks these days. We’ve just discovered dykesinthecity and we’re already e-mailing the link to our fish-loving friends. It’s a clothing line “for lesbians, and those who love lesbians” and is “purposely blurring fashion gender and body image rules.’” It works, as most of the models on their site are pretty sexually ambiguous. We did recognize one model as a woman – the photo with the nip slip.

We’re waving our wand of approval at DITC’s snappy logo, which is emblazoned all over the brand’s clothing. It’s a vast improvement over that dated Ray of Light-era FCUK label we can’t stand. Seems like there’s a French connection with DITC, too. The clothes are now being marketed to “all of France.” That will work to only further feed the Franco-hating fire of those uptight Republicans.

But we’re a bit disturbed at the moment. We have been questioning our homosexuality ever since we came across a photo on DITC’s online shop of hot guy showing off his tight underwear. Turns out he doesn’t have a dick after all. We just got hard checking out a girl. Eww.

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