Three Adorable Same-Sex Couples Give Love A Good Name

p-s-i-love-youAnyone who’s ever been swept up by that socially acceptable insanity called love knows that when you give your heart to another, some weird things can (and will) happen.

It’s the subject of the new film Love Is Strange, which stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a gay couple living in New York whose relationship is put to the test when life comes along and makes things messy (as it’s wont to do). Here’s the trailer:

Emotional hurdles, enormous tests of patience and the ever-present likelihood of facing the unexpected on any given day are all not just possibilities but probabilities.

Which is why we love to see when a couple just works. They may not necessarily have all the answers or be following a premeditated destiny, but the one thing they never seem to lose is that electric current that magnetized them together in the first place.

Perhaps you know that couple who you may publicly say sickens you but you secretly admire? We know we do.

Here are three long-term couples giving love a good name on the daily:

Dan Savage and Terry Miller


If there’s anyone who seems fully equipped to take the highs and lows of partnership as the come, it’s Dan Savage. Even if you don’t agree with all the advice he gives on his very popular podcast Savage Love or subscribe to his ideological leaning, it’s clear that no subject is off-books. It doesn’t hut that his husband Terry is a total babe, either.

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls


These guys give teamwork a whole new definition. Simon also happens to be Matt’s publicist, and while working together could spell disaster for some, when it works it works. The two also have an absurdly cute family that makes us yearn for children of our own. Well, maybe in 10 years.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka 


Sometimes intimacy is about knowing when to be apart, and Neil and David appear to have figured 0ut quite the successful work/life balance despite the inevitable ups and downs. Neil’s career continues to rise, from the wide success of How I Met Your Mother to his critically-acclaimed Broadway stint in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. But despite all that work, the fam is constantly spotted around town being totally adorbs. We’re sure there’s some significant sacrifice on Neil’s part in trying to have his cake and eat it too, but the fact that he keeps trying makes us think this couple will be around for good.