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Three All-Star Bodies Shoot For Underwear Stardom

STAR--AD-#2_0098Photographer Rick Day will make your daydreams come true with his photoshoot for Stardom Underwear. He shoots the new Stardom Splash Collection on three ridiculously ripped models: Mark Raimondo, Jonathan Rivera, and Daniel Bentley. The Stardom Splash underwear brings a sugary sweet to their red hot heat. Throw a beach ball into the mix and you’re ready to play.

One thing that makes Stardom Underwear so sexy, before the men step into them, is how their underwear is cut. Stardom cuts their underwear daringly low to compliment an athletic build, especially around the waist. This means their briefs and trunks are narrow, something that also gives them a modern edge. Add a thick waistband and you’re really working with that sporty fashion twist. Just look at how the elastic hugs those tones waistlines. But what makes the new Stardom Splash underwear in particular a new summer essential? Fresh uses of color, and a contagious sense of fun.

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Photo Credit: Rick Day for Stardom Underwear