Three Gay Men Violently Attacked For Wearing Drag On Halloween

portland-hween-drag-hate-crimeIf there’s any night a dude can feel comfortable in a heel — at least psychologically if not necessarily physically — it’s Halloween. But three fierce friends from Portland, Oregon were attacked on that Hallowed Eve for dressing in drag by a group of people shouting homophobic slurs.

The attack took place around 2 a.m. in southwest Portland, when a group of about five people began verbally assaulting Dustin Miller, Joey Malone and Curtis Hughes. Things soon escalated to violence and at one point, someone pulled a knife.

“He swung it at my stomach and then swung it back up at my face,” Malone told KATU. To defend himself, Malone used the only weapons he had — his heels; he kicked off his stilettos and fended off the attackers. “I was going to defend myself no matter what.”

Thanks to the heels and some cyclists passing by, the attackers ran off, leaving their victims bruised, bloody and bewildered: they knew their outfits would be provocative, but they never expected to be attacked over them. Though the three men filed a police report, they know there’s little hope their attackers will be caught.

On a brighter note, the men have heard from hundreds of supporters online and Malone, who lost a tooth in the incident, received a free temporary fix from a local dentist. Grateful for the support, the trio — according to sassy KATU reporter Emily Sinovic — wanted to let “those haters out there know they’re not going to let fear change who they are for a second.”