Three Girls

luther vandross

The New York Times on Christmas day looked back at some of the people we lost this year and told their stories. Included was Luther Vandross.

The article says “He was already a backup singer in heavy demand by the mid- 70’s, and what instantly set him apart at first was that he sang like a girl – or rather three very strong “girls”: Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross.”

The author then goes on to declare, “Sure, they were sensitive, vulnerable guys. But in making pop music a safer place for men to question themselves, they were also manly as hell.”

For the record we love Luther. But, really. There was not one thing manly about Miss Vandross. The Gays know what it means to have three strong girls inside. Trust. Luther was one of us. Why nobody seems to see this is baffling. He may have questioned himself, but we just wish the media would do the same.

Soul Men [New York Times]