Three Minnesota Men Bravely Bash Local Homo

The St. Cloud Police arrested and charged Matthew Warren Thomas, 24; Chad Vincent Hands, 21, and Ryan Andrew Frane, 23, for fourth-degree assault against a 22-year-old gay man. Luckily, the victim only suffered cuts and bruises to his face and hands, according to police. But this is what happens when you tell everyone in your state that gays eat poo, fuck animals and rape kids and then create a bill so everyone can vote on their right to exist. We can’t defend ourselves with just supportive speeches or rainbow glitter. Makes you reconsider groups like the Pink Pistols.

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  • pc

    the one on the far right has gayface.

  • delurker

    not black or hispanic. who cares?

  • TMikel

    Why were these men so threatened? Perhaps the closet door was creaking open. In prison, they will learn about gay sex first hand, but it is not likely to make them anymore humane.

  • Enron

    What they did was absolutely wrong, but I am gonna be honest, the one in the middle is a cutie and it looks like he is hiding a secret and felt sorry for bashing a fellow gay.

  • Shannon1981

    May they all get fucked up the ass with a hot rusty poker in prison.Somebody needs to make them his bitches.

  • FlopsyMopsyCT

    As a Minnesotan, I have to say that the embedded link to the CBS story relays some interesting detail. The crime occurred in St. Cloud, and all three of these guys come from less developed, less economically prosperous cities on the far outskirts of the metropolitan MSP area. While I realize this kind of thing could happen anywhere, many of the stories telling tragedies of young gay kids in MN occur in these kinds of areas ( I recall a relatively recent story of a young gay boy’s suicide in Anoka County, of which Michelle Bachmann is the representative, if that tells anything). I think it’s important to note that these less cultured and intellectually stagnant areas are sketchy places for gay youth to grow and thrive. These cities need to enact stricter laws against violence and place education in schools to fix these kinds of problems. It’s getting disgusting, the amount of violence against gay men and women that is appearing in these wretched areas.

  • Gigi

    Thanks for your input. It adds more to the story than “that’s horrible…they’re cute.” Not that any thoughtful explanation excuses what these guys did. It doesn’t. Not sure what the solution is. I live in a big city in Canada. Gay marriage is legal here and we have hate crimes laws on the book, but bashings still occur. Seemingly not to the extent that they’re being reported in the U.S., but we don’t have the same level of hysteria and vitriol coming from the Christianists and our politicians about The Gays.

  • Truthful

    @Enron: Wow… seek some help, man

  • James

    I think if the 3 guys were black not one would came if they were cute or poor people would just label them thugs.

  • delurker

    @James: true. if they were black or latin, there would also be dozens of comments now, many from queerty’s gay conservatives. just a free for all though…

    interesting how when whites perpetrate anti-gay crimes, it’s about socio-economics.

  • Go Galt. Please.

    Actually, it IS all about socio-economics, no matter what category you fit into. The problem is, when poor people attack rich people, it’s called ‘robbery’. It’s only when poor people attack other poor people that it gets called racism, or homophobia, or some other hate crime.
    Poor people are trapped like rats in a cage. Instead of attacking the hand that locks the cage door, we attack each other. Even when we riot, we burn our own neighborhoods.

  • Kev C

    A fourth degree assault in MN is a gross misdemeanor. With a bias crime charge, also a gross misdemeanor ($3000 fine, up to 1 year).

  • tjr101

    Where is Jason when you need him to mouth off about the homophobia in the white community?!?

  • Joe Stratford

    I lived in MN for two years and I left and not looked back. Only Minneapolis and Edina are obviously not anti gay. St Paul sucks. The thing with MSP is it is pretty much the capital of the northern midwest, so a lot of these idiots move to the cities but the cities are not big enough to inculturate these new enrabts fast enough. My straight friend, who was otherwise a good guy, verbally assaulted a Somali taxi driver one drunken night. A closeted gay friend would rather hang with his church friends who openly say that being dead is better than being gay. I stopped being friends with both when I realized that convincing them is next to impossible, since MN somehow has this environment that does not discourage such behavior. There’s something about the state.

    Anyway, I’m not surprised about this. St Cloud by Tge way isnot some boondock. It’s supposed to be an enlightened college town. But based on my dealings with people who either grew up or studied there (or Mankato) I’m not surprised at the level of homophobia. Too many frustrated and closeted gays trying too hard to live a straight life.

  • dvlaries

    I suspect that none of them could have done it alone, but throw three or more like these together, with some alcohol to kill reason and excuse group-think, and this and worse is always possible.

  • Raphael

    left: 5/10
    middle: 8/10
    right: 6/10

    right could possible be higher if you’re into dudes with beady eyes.

  • alan brickman

    Why isn’t anyone marching????

  • Jeffree

    @Raphael: When you get fâgbashed, I sure hope the perp is a 9/10 so at least you’ll get a thrill with your concussion.

  • bangbang

    This is how the dominant class hangs onto power–by getting oppressed groups to hate and attack EACH OTHER, instead of the people who are actually oppressing them. Undereducated and/or poor white men, gay people, women, racial minorities–expending their energies bashing and hating on each other. It keeps marginalised people divided and distracted from the reality that the rich powerful people who encourage you to hate homosexuals also hate visible minorities, women, and the poor. Cases like these show we have to WAKE UP and realise our hate is being orchestrated by those who benefit from us continuing to quibble amongst ourselves.

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