Three Un-Wise Men: John McCain, Lindsey Graham And Joe Lieberman On Marriage Equality

Last night CNN’s Piers Morgan spoke with Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman about the struggle for same-sex marriage.

Apparently the esteemed lawmakers have been living in an alternate universe from the rest of us. Lieberman thinks a situation where some states have marriage equality and their neighbors don’t is tenable (it’s not) and Graham insists slavery was outlawed by a popular vote (it wasn’t).

The only one who seems to get the political situation is Morgan, and he’s not even American.

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  • Cam

    So lets see, John McCain cheated on his wife after she was in a car accident and when she was injured he dumps her.

    Lindsay Ghram is a closet case.

    Yeah, those two should be talking about marriage.

  • TrekBear

    These guys are more like three blind mice!

  • robho3

    They are all dinosaurs….soon they will be extinct…as will the entire Republican
    party if they don’t change their views on social issues. Who cares what these blow hards have to say they are in the minority.

  • pvd2sfo

    As a gay man, I find it amazing that we complain about being ridiculed yet
    we cast stones. We want change but refuse to advocate it. It’s no wonder the
    red states dislike us.

  • 2eo

    Is it wrong that I feel Americans should be more annoyed with the Vietcong for handing him back.

    Lieberman still looks like he messes with the youngsters.

  • Cam


    You can always tell the liars and the trolls in here. Take this comment I’m respponding to for instance.

    1. Trolls often try to put in something like “As a gay man” or “As a lesbian”. Real gay men and lesbians don’t feel the need to put that in, we know who we are as does everybody else on this blog.

    2. This comment was his first one and it just HAPPENS to be attacking gays on a post about burned out old republican dinosaurs (And one independent).

    3. The comment seeks to paint gays as aggressors and bigots as our helpless victims. The obvious ploy that everybody from the Mormons and NOM to the catholics and Rush Limbaugh has tried and failed with.

    Oh, but nice try bigot. Next time hide who you are a little bit better.

  • Atomicrob

    I couldn’t care less what these right wing zealots think about anything. They are ultra conservative neocon dinosaurs with diminished credibility other than in their narrow southern and ARIDzona worlds of GOP white strongholds rapidly disappearing. Buh bye!

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    Senator Graham just identified the unconstitutionality of DOMA as religious, thus violating the “no religious test” clause of Article VI.

  • D9W

    What gets me is that Lindsey Graham thinks everybody wants’ to marry their pet dog, or marry two other people. It’s like he can’t get a clue that’s not what the gays are asking for. A matter of fact the only people I hear wanting to marry their pet dog is the GOP. And along those lines, the only people I have heard about wanting to have sex with an Animal and get caught having sex with Animals are the Heterosexuals and most of the time they are in the RED part of the US. I think Graham is squealing like a pig, a little too much if you asked me.

  • Billysees

    @pvd2sfo: 4
    @Cam: 6

    Give pvd2sfo a break.

    If this is his first or second comment, depending on how the counter works, then he’s just getting his feet wet and just learning the ropes of etiquette.

    Then let’s talk and sound more welcoming to him for goodness sakes.

    And he does make an interesting point which is about the pot calling the kettle black.

    We can’t deny that completely you know.

  • 2eo

    @Billysees: That isn’t how it works. It works exactly like Cam indicated.

  • Billysees

    @2eo: 11

    I re-read Cam and will agree that what he said makes more sense now.

    The “acid” test will be what subsequent comments come forth.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I bet it took a half a day to get the stench of decaying flesh out of the studio after these three gas bags blathered on. In the E.R., clove oil on a wash cloth works, hooked up to O2 to aerosolize it. Let them keep talking, it will make our documentary, in the future, all the more entertaining.

  • 2eo

    @Billysees: I would imagine he won’t post again, however I would expect BJ, Avenger or Brent to jump to the defence of whichever new account it belongs too.

    There was a fourth one but he didn’t hide his IP correctly and I posted his name and address and he hasn’t been seen since.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    Since my last comment is “awaiting moderation,” I think I know why Graham is claiming that slavery was abolished by popular vote. Before a state could be re-admitted to the Union following the Civil War, it had to vote to approve the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution. The 13th, as anyone who has heard of the new movie “Lincoln” can tell you, is the amendment which bans slavery in the United States. It is a very flimsy arguement to make and since it was a non-negotiable demand, acceptance was a pro-forma matter. Either accept it or remain in Reconstruction.

  • jwrappaport

    @pvd2sfo: What does that even mean? The red states dislike us because they have warped conceptions of sexual morality. If you’re saying that we should just turn the other cheek and love our enemies, I say no – “Go love your own enemies. Don’t be loving mine, my enemies are the theocratic fascists, I don’t love them, I want to destroy them.” (To quote Hitch.)

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    @jwrappaport: The love I have for them isn’t “love” in the sense I think you mean. Mine is spiritual, mine allows me to condemn them for the bigots they are and hold a mirror up to them and say, “See what you are. See what you have become.” They deny God’s love to a portion of God’s creation, therefore they have voluntarily separated themselves from God and placed themselves in hell. I am commanded to love them so that they see their peril and reverse it, thus returning to God and ending their blind hate. What I want to destroy is their hate, their fear, their loathing. Am I naive? Perhaps. However, I will continue to love although I condemn. Call it the toughest love there is.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    Can anyone see the comment #15 which they claim is under moderation? Would someone please give me a specific reason why? Since I posted it this morning, it has remained under moderation. I have e-mailed them for an explanation. None has come. Why?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I smell a Mormon

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    @1EqualityUSA: If you mean me, I am not. I am a Vulcan (Infinite Diversity Through Infinite Combinations) Reconciling Jewish Christian and a member of the Church of St Paul and St Andrew in New York. As Ben Franklin once said, it is rather like an ox who is constantly called a horse. He’s happy for the honor but would rather have what is rightfully his.

  • Billysees

    @2eo: 14

    I should be more aware of cynical commentators.
    They expose themselves eventually.
    Don’t know why they come here.
    I think folks here try to lift up and encourage.
    That’s why I come here.
    I comment at Huffington Post’s Gay Voices once in a while, but I like the crowd here better.

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