Tidbits: John Waters’ Next Movie Idea?

alison.gif • A judge in Maryland struck down a law making same-sex marriage illegal–and now she may be impeached for it. We can see Baltimore-based John Waters’ movie about it already. [AP]

• First Madonna makes plans for Coachella. Now queer favorite Goldfrapp to perform at the huge, enormous, fabulous South By Southwest Music Festival. The gays should really pay attention to his music festival thing. No one goes to circuit parties anymore. [GCN]

Gay adoption is totally banned in Florida–the only state with such policies, in fact–but a new law might change that. Maybe. Floridians, call your state reps! [AP]

• Moscow mayor takes Communist view on gay pride: still a big no-no. Too bad, Johnny Weir would have been a great Grand Marshall. Hell, we would have gone with him! And suddenly, I know why the Mayor said “no”… [Dallas Voice]