Ties That Bind


We know you may be partial to wearing satin red scarves around your neck most days, but there are times that call for more formal wear and less flashy wear. Time for you to wear a tie.

If the screaming queen in you never did pick up how to tie a tie (don’t be embarrassed, we’re still learning to tie our shoelaces), turn to Tie Guide. They’ll show you all the different techniques on how to correctly wrap one around your neck and also the proper way to match one with that ultra-fabulous outfit. Rule # 1: No clip-ons!

If you (or your sugar daddy) can afford it, we love Thomas Pink for high-end ties. They have a huge hip variety for any occasion. Hermes would be another signature tie choice coming in at $150 a piece.

Brooks Brothers is a great place for the Ivy-league look. We like the University Crest Stripe silk tie for you or the twink in your life.

Your sister didn’t have the decency to not be eight months pregnant for her shotgun wedding, so you shouldn’t have to break the bank just for a tie check out Tie Deals.

Keep in mind, wearing a tie does not need to be an overly stuffy experience. There are lots of ways to pull it off in a super casual way. But a shirt with a tie is a must. Unless you’re attending the White Party.