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Tiffany Trump dragged for going on shopping spree while 130 secret service agents are quarantined

More than 130 officers from the U.S. Secret Service, or roughly 10% of the core security team, are currently in quarantine after either testing positive for coronavirus or coming into close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

But that didn’t stop Tiffany Trump from going on a weekend shopping spree in Palm Beach, Florida, where she was accompanied by four agents, who followed her from store to store to store during a raging pandemic.

Tiffany popped into several high end shops and boutiques, where she mingled with retail workers, waved to paparazzi, and made all sorts of frivolous, nonessential purchases.

Meanwhile, Florida is seeing another big spike in new coronavirus cases, with Palm Beach County leading the charge. On Sunday, it saw its highest single-day increase of new cases since July 13, with 735 new infections reported.

Still, Tiffany felt the need to put herself and her secret service detail at risk by doing some retail therapy after her dad lost his reelection effort because that’s just how the Trump family rolls.

Twitter has had quite a bit to say about the matter…

Tiffany’s secret service detail ends on January 20, 2021, after her father leaves office and Joe Biden assumes the presidency. Donald and Melania Trump will receive lifelong protection, unless they choose to decline it, and Barron will continue receiving protection until he is 16.

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