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‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic in coronavirus quarantine

Joe Exotic, the eccentric and convicted murderer-for-hire subject of the much-discussed Netflix docuseries Tiger King, has been placed into COVID-19 quarantine in a hospital after three fellow prisoners contracted the virus

The big cat enthusiast, 57, is currently serving out a 22-year sentence at a federal prison in Texas. He was found guilty of 17 charges of animal abuse and two counts of murder for hire.

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Dillon Passage, 24, Exotic’s fourth husband, had previously voiced concern after it was reported that Joe’s former prison had reported cases of the virus.

The prison confirmed Exotic’s quarantine status. also reported that he’d been transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Passage spoke with Andy Cohen on Wednesday, explaining, “We speak like three to five times every day, but since he’s been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases.

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“I’ve yet to speak to him since he moved.”

Exotic was locked up in 2019 after being found guilty of hiring a hitman for $3,000 to kill his nemesis, Carole Baskin.

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