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The ‘Tiger King’ sequel episode is not what you expected

Netflix announced the details of its much-anticipated follow-up episode to Tiger King.

It will be a talk show-style episode titled The Tiger King & I hosted by comic Joel McHale.

McHale interviews characters from the documentary series, including John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman and Jeff & Lauren Lowe.

At press time, it’s unclear how much of the episode will include the unreleased footage co-director Rebecca Chaiklin alluded to in interviews. 

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Tiger King is based on the life of Joe Exotic, a self-described redneck, gay, gun-loving man who also owned more than 100 tigers in a private zoo, which eventually got him convincted on charges of animal abuse.

The series recounts Exotic’s run for president, his rivalry with fellow big cat lover Carole Baskin, and the tumultuous details of his personal life, which included a polygamous marriage.

The Tiger King & I arrives on Netflix April 12.