“Tight” Race: The Video

We previously informed you that Tim Gunn sat down with TIME for their Q&A institution, “Ten Questions With…” During the discussion, after being asked which potential first lady he preferred. Gunn took a poke at Cindy McCain’s taut face. It was such good fun that we’re posting the video, so you can hear it from the homo’s mouth. Gunn also dishes on the dreaded sloppification of America, living on a budget and which Project Runway contestant he most loathes: Vincent Libretti.

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  • Woof

    He is spot on with Vincent and Crocs. Don’t only lesbians where Crocs?

  • rick

    love tim gunn, so classy.

  • Todd's Rules

    He is so cool — wouldn’t it be fun to talk him up at a cocktail party?

  • michael

    He is a very classy and elegant gent. without being off putting or
    snooty. While I agree with his fashion opinions about our potential first ladies I think he could have been a bit more gentle with Cindy McCain. I think making fun of a persons face or body inappropriate being that we live in a culture that puts so much unfair judgment on a person based upon those things. It was not his classiest moment.

  • kellysingle0501

    Just feel curious, my brother told me he saw he has a personal profile and photo at a black bbw site called blackbbwmeet.com. Is that true…who knows…

  • Cody

    Those “very important” fashion questions…oh dear. What has America become?

  • Maharajah

    In my next life, I may be only so fortunate to be born with as much style, grace, poise and sheer intelligence as the great Tim Gunn. The man is more than a genius – he is truly, whole-heartedly, fantastically – an inspiration.

  • spiffy

    I like the public persona of Tim Gunn — but I have this nagging suspicion that privately he’s just two drinks away from turning into a bitchy queen.

    Yeah, and Crocs ARE stupid ugly; but it’s the fashion industry’s fault for not being able to produce things that are beautiful AND comfortable. Most of the time it’s one or the other. This is one gay man who will be buying Crocs until something better comes along.

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