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TikTok priest says he ‘went to hell’ and saw men on all fours listening to Rihanna songs

Rihanna performing in a leopard top
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Rihanna is not only performing at the Super Bowl, but, according to one priest, she also has a residency in hell.

Gerald Johnson, the religious leader of the Gerald A. Johnson Ministries in Texas, has gone viral after recently detailing how he went to satan’s playground and saw men on all fours being tortured to the sounds of Rihanna’s biggest hits. Put us on the list plus one!

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In a TikTok video, Johnson claims this demonic escapade occurred back in 2016 after he suffered a heart attack and “died.” He said his spirit left his body and traveled to the center of the earth where apparently the devil maintains prime real estate.

Johnson said he was immediately blown away with the fiery scene, which according to his description also appeared to border on some intense pup play.

“There was a man on all fours, like a dog…he was burned from the crown of his head to the sole’s of his feet and his eyes were bulging out,” Johnson recounted. “He had a chain around his neck. He was like a dog in hell. What was worse was who was holding the chain. It was a demon who was holding the chain.”

@geraldajohnson1 My experience when I saw hell in February 2016. I’ll never be the same after that. #hell #jesus #unforgiveness #forgive #godsaid #encouragement #geraldajohnson #jesuslovesyou #moveforward ♬ original sound – Gerald Johnson

But that was just the opening act. As he made his way deeper into Lucifer’s VIP room, the main stage began to look more like your worst karaoke nightmare come to life.

“There’s a section in hell where music was playing. It was the same music that we hear on the Earth, but as opposed to entertainers singing it, the music, demons were singing it. It was some of the same lyrics we hear here.”

According to Johnson, these demons use popular music to control humans while on Earth. And one of the biggest torture devices these evil goblins use is Rihanna’s 2007 monster earworm “Umbrella.” 

 “Here, music is to get over a breakup. ‘Don’t worry, be happy,’ ‘I bust the windows out your car,’ or, ‘under my umbrella,’ whatever,” Johnson said in reference to hit bops by Bobby McFerrin, Jazmine Sullivan, and RiRi. “There, every lyric to every song is to torment you as to the fact that you didn’t worship God through music when you were on the Earth.”

To no surprise, Rihanna is too booked and busy to have commented on Johnson’s hellfire tale.

For those not planning a tour of eternal damnation just yet, you can keep your fingers crossed that RiRi tortures us all with a lit version of “Umbrella” at the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 12th. Hella, hella, eh, eh, eh!

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