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TikToker jokes she was “oppressed” by gay parents in viral video, has perfect response for homophobes

Screenshots: TikTok / @sidneyclementine

Sometimes, parents just don’t understand—like when you want to jump off a ledge and fly like the Darlings in Peter Pan, but your moms say no. Ugh, so frustrating!

Yup, even queer parents can be unaccepting of their children who just want be true to themselves. At least, that’s the joke of a viral TikTok from user Sidney Clementine—a.k.a. @sidneyclementine—which seems to have gone over a lot of people’s heads.

@sidneyclementine My gay moms oppressed me. #lgbtq #gayparents #gayparenting #lgbtparenting #lgbt #lgbtparents #lesbianparents ♬ original sound – sidneyclementine

In the clip seen above, Clementine speaks straight to camera, dead-panning, “I was raised by gay moms growing up, and I want to tell you about the times that they did not accept me for who I was.”

In her first example, the TikToker points to a photo of a pink, asymmetrical haircut, saying, “First was when I wanted to get this haircut. I was told that I could get the haircut if I chose to—it was my own head, but that I would look stupid.” Without missing a beat, Clementine remarks, “I felt oppressed.”

As things escalated with each hilariously specific memory (she says she wasn’t allowed to dress like a layered-up “Disney teen,” referencing a photo of Zendaya in Shake It Up), it was pretty clear this was all a joke, no matter how convincing her delivery. It all ends with Clementine’s stone-faced punchline: “It was straight-phobia in its purest form, and you cannot convince me otherwise.”

Screenshots: TikTok / @sidneyclementine

Suffice it to say, not everyone was in on the joke—they never are on social media—prompting some viewers to leave baffled and even empathetic comments like, “I’m so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story so that I, a lesbian, can learn to be better.” Of course, some of the comments might be playing into the dry humor—even we’ll admit we’re not sure—like one that declares, “I’m so glad you can live freely in your truth now that you’re an adult.”

Even though it was posted back in December of last year, the video is still garnering attention, thanks in part to a New York Post article with a very misleading headline: “‘Traumatized’ daughter of LGBT parents: ‘My gay moms oppressed me.'” Okay, well, that’s not exactly the case—and you know it, New York Post!

In the article, the author pretty immediately acknowledges the TikTok as satire, even pointing to other comedic videos from Clementine. And yet, they still went with that headline? Why? We all know how the internet works: Half the time, people don’t even read the post in full (are you even reading this right now?), they just get outraged and share it to make whatever point best serves their narrative.

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In any event, Clementine is making the most of the situation. Earlier today, she posted a new TikTok addressing the fact that she was “in the news,” clarifying her joke in the best way possible:

“The reason that I did the video is to poke fun at a very real reality that I grew up with,” shares the TikToker, “which was supposedly very well-intentioned people being concerned about the well-being of a child of LGBT parents. In reality, you don’t really care about children, you just hate gay people.”

As she continues, she ends up offering a pretty awesome response to conservatives and law-makers who act like they have kids’ best interests at heart when they try to keep them from “saying gay” or away from drag shows:

“Having a ‘What about the children?’ mindset is a really great way to rebrand things like transphobia and homophobia as more altruistic characteristics like ‘protecting young children and caring about others.’ What makes somebody a good or bad parent has absolutely nothing to do with their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Well put, Sydney! As she wraps things up on a defiant note, Clementine reminds us why her moms—and so many other gay parents out there—are the best:

“To those who are worried about LGBT parents adopting or having their own children: I grew up in a household with parents that I knew, whoever I chose to date or whatever gender identity I identified with, I wouldn’t be not accepted by my parents and kicked out of the house simply for who I was. Can your kids say the same?”

@sidneyclementine I was in the news lol. #pridemonth #gayparents #lgbtq #🏳️‍🌈 #gaymoms #lgbtparents #pride ♬ original sound – sidneyclementine

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