The Plot Thickens

TikToker’s ‘Mean Girls’ theory will blow your mind

Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Ah, Mean Girls, the Lindsay Lohan-led warm blanket of a comfort movie that has helped many a queer kid get through life. Now a new fan theory posits one of the leading characters is actually a closet lesbian, and the internet is shook. Could Regina George’s (Rachel McAdams) raging bitchiness stem from living in the closet?

The theory began with TikTok user @lizzie.mchigher who makes note of the queerphobic language several characters use in the movie. She notes that “queer panic is one of the driving plot forces” in the movie, and that uber-mean Regina seems to have an odd fascination with lesbians, and with her social rival Cady (Lohan).

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She also notes that Regina “doesn’t actually like any of the guys she dates,” engaging them more for social standing than genuine attraction. McHigher also notes that people–especially teenagers–project their insecurities onto others; in other words, Regina’s obsession with lesbianism and other girls stems from her attraction to women.

“In conclusion,” McHigher sums up, “Regina George’s character arc can be summed up with this tweet.” She then quotes a tweet that reads “When I was 7, I had a crush on a girl in my class and didn’t know how to deal with it. So, I wrote her a letter that just said: ‘Get out of my school.'”

Sounds about right. Have a look at the original TikTok dissertation.

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