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Tila Tequila Abandons Bisexuality for Lesbian-Only Loving


It’s not that we don’t love our reality stars. Jack Mackenroth, Charlie Herschel, and Kim Stolz are all cool cats. But Tila Tequila, with her obvious famewhoring, always rubbed us the wrong way. Like she was using a Brillo. She claimed to be bisexual, but anecdotal evidence suggested her lady love was a ruse. And we don’t like being played like that! So banal was Tequila’s celebrity, we unfollowed her on Twitter. Take that! But it seems we unsubscribed too early, because Tila — who made her tweets private — just announced she’s full-blown lez.

“I was in denial for a long time and I found that lying to myself isn’t cool. I finally realized that I’m lesbian. Not bisexual. I love women,” she posted, according to Our Scene TV.” Another tweet followed, where she accused MTV (which produced A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila) of pressuring her into selecting male contestant Bobby as her final pick, instead of her “true love” Dani Campbell.


That’s Dani Campbell, as in Tila’s current girlfriend.

But, uh, isn’t she currently embroiled in a legal battle with ex-boyfriend Shawne Merriman, the San Diego Chargers linebacker?

Maybe Tila’s new found “lesbian-only” policy, then, is the result of one of her alter personalities (she claims to have Dissociative Identity Disorder) hijacking her Twitter account, like “Jane” did this month

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  • strictmachine

    dani isnt with tila. on outscence tv she said she hasnt seen tila since nye

  • Yuki

    Er, as much as I don’t believe Tila one bit, some gay/lesbian people HAVE dated people of the opposite sex before.

  • ...

    I am greatly concerned with this development.

  • Luffetz

    @Yuki: She says she’s bisexual, we don’t believe her, that’s “biphobic”. But she says she’s lesbian, you claim her as bisexual, that’s not homophobic? I am tired of bisexual activists trying to claim anyone who slept at any time with someone of the opposite sex as their own.

  • trav

    moving on up….

  • trav

    but honestly….why the heck should be care?

  • Kropotkin

    “I am tired of bisexual activists trying to claim anyone who slept at any time with someone of the opposite sex as their own.”

    The same could go for a lot of gays activists too, both gays and bis are equal oppertunity offenders when it comes to that.

    Anyway, just because some famous person is/was gay, bi or whatever; what does that prove? Do we give them some kind of freaking medal?

    Celebrities: *yawn*

  • fuzzypony

    She may be a famewhore, but she’s hot. Don’t really care who she’s doing, but I wish she’d sort herself out in private. This kind of drama really does put the whole community in a bad light.

    Also, f— labels. If we all just stuck with “queer,” maybe all this infighting BS would die down and we could accomplish something for real.

  • jason

    I never did like her. I don’t like any woman who uses her supposed bisexuality as a marketing ploy, especially if it’s designed to appeal to men who don’t give a rat’s about our rights.

    All in all, she came across as a man-pleasing doormat.

  • Geri

    If she straight – which I now highly suspect – what she’s doing at the moment is totally unforgivable.

  • Geri

    Now when she gets another boyfriend she’ll have to say her sexuality is “fluid”.

  • #1 Lesbian

    oh hell no, tila and dani better not be together after tila picked some dumb ass guy over dani. Dani was really sweet and would have been perfect but yet tila just had to go break her heart. I have glad their really not togethre dani dont need that dumb bitch.

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