Tila Tequila’s New Single May Make You Want To Vomit In A Shot Glass

Reality Star flooze Tila Tequila doesn’t only ask her suitors to prove their love by eating pig vagina, she’s also a like a real pop musician y’all! And her first singles “I Love U” and “Stipper Friends” were only warm-ups for her latest musical miscarriage, a song originally titled “I Fucked The DJ.” Billboard Top 100 here she comes!

In her first video for “I Love U”, the self-proclaimed “crazy bitch” crawls around in panties and heels while non-stop swearing and promising to “fuck up” anyone who doesn’t love her like she needs. In her second video, she pole dances in panties and heels while talking about how all of her stripper friends and exes JUST WANT TO BE LOVED! And her latest track features a bump-and-grind bass and drum loop while she sings about fucking her favorite DJ. The video will most likely feature Ms. Tequila be-pantied and high-heeled and continue the theme of a headstrong young woman seeking love in a confusing world.

It’s embarrassingly easy to mock such pop tripe, so it’s nice that Tila seems completely willing to do it for us by parodying her own pop-bisexuality. Her songs render “love” meaningless because she’s apparently willing to kill, strip or fuck DJs just to feel anything. Perhaps she should save that “Shot of Love” to stop the burning sensation once the record flops.