Tilda Swinton Shames Putin, Praises Gays And Is Basically The Coolest Person Alive

tilda swinton2In news that should surprise nobody, Tilda Swinton is all sorts of awesome. She’s gracious, humble and has a tongue with some serious sting.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast about her new vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive, the stunning (and stunningly talented) actress dishes on gay love, the vampire trope in pop culture, and what it’s like when the phone rings and it’s David Bowie.

Here are the highlights.

On gay people’s emotional maturity one-up:

“It is true that to pass through the transitions that gay people have to in order to come out to themselves, to their families when they’re quite young, it’s a grow-bag, isn’t it? And I think that very often, heterosexual people miss out on that. There’s a feeling of development and sometimes, heterosexual people have never had to go through that self-examination and just knowing themselves, and that sense of coming out, coming to your own defense, and being your own best advocate, and going, “No! I’m going to stand by myself and say this is who I am and you can all fuck off.”

BOWqvH-CUAAs7RWOn being filmed holding a rainbow flag in front of Moscow’s Kremlin:

“Well, Russia has the gayest president ever. No, that’s an offensive thing to say—not to him, but to the gay community.”

On the over-saturation of teen vampire drivel:

“…immortality, of course, as has been noticed by recent people who have made a lot of money from this, it’s a great trope for exploring sex-u-a-li-ty—teenage sexuality in particular—and people have done that … you might say to death.”

Giving love wisdom:

“[You] don’t have to be like somebody to love them, and you can really love someone who’s very different to you, and who might even be antagonistic to you, and you can properly be their companion without trying to fuck with them or edit them in any way.”

And on something we’ll never be able to relate to:

“The moment happens when the phone rings and it’s someone who calls themself David Bowie, and you never stop pinching yourself.”