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Tim Gunn Is Not Out To His Mother

Or at the very least, they don’t talk about why he’s a 57-year-old man who has yet to find that special lady.

Still out pimping his book, Gun says about his relationship with mama: “On the one hand she is a Chatty Cathy and can talk a blue-streak, on the other hand, she is not comfortable discussing anything personal. Like the chapter in my book says, sometimes you really should just keep your mouth shut! (Laughs.) Now, if I was to bring a guy home, I wouldn’t blind-side her with him. I would make an advance visit and test the waters.”

Tim should try this one out: “Tomorrow one of my friends is going to stop by. He’s also my roommate. And we picked out fine china together. And he makes a mean paella. And he’s gay.” If she blinks twice, coast is clear.