Tim Gunn’s Blog

tim gunn

We’d be remiss if we did not follow up our Blogging Project Runway post from last week with information on Tim Gunn’s blog. Tim Gunn is Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. He is also our favorite part of Project Runway. Yes, we love Heidi and her broken English. We love Nina Garcia and her bitchy comments. We love Michael Kors, for you know, being Michael Kors.

But it is Gunn’s one-on-ones with the designers that take the cake. His catch phrase of “make it work” has become a staple of our own lexicon. He reads some of the designers to their faces and they have NO CLUE. Now when faced with a challenge we all, in true Tim Gunn deadpan delivery, declare “make it work.”

He sure has made his blog work. It details what is right and what is wrong about each design every week. And to make us even happier, he’s begun recording podcast recaps of each show. They’re so going on our iPod.

Tim Gunn is the best thing on television. Even if you’re not fashion fairies like we are, you’ll dig him.

Tim’s Take: Blog & Podcast [Bravo]