Tim Gunn’s Totally “Possessed”

We know you guys are going through serious Project Runway withdrawl, so we’d like to direct you to a very Tim Gunn “Possessed” installment from The New York Times. Following the “Possessed” tradition of delving into the homes of notable names, David Colman explores the inner workings of Gunn’s Greenwich Village apartment.

Among the personal and anecdotal knick knacks, Gunn yaks about his love for miniature archictectual sets: a passion born from a boyhood calendar containing sets of diminutive, build-em-yourself French chateaus.

He’s moved on since then, replicating some of the world’s most famous buildings. But, don’t think he’s limited to historical wonders. Gunn’s been commissioned by the most famous woman in the universe: Barbie.

In later years his lucky younger sister had her own architect on hand to assemble Barbie’s many residences. “Barbie’s town house, the pool and cabana, the sweet shop: I built them all,” he said.

Sure, Gunn’s interest in constructing mock buildings may sound a bit grannyish – not incidentally, it was his grandmother who gave him the first calendar – but it also seems pretty cool.

Although, it’d be more if Gunn imagined his own edifices. Like in Lego’s. There could be a drawbridge, a dragon watch tower, a pirate’s plank, a monorail and a launching pad for the spaceship. It’d be neat.