Tim Hardaway For President?

Tim Hardaway‘s seemingly endless apology campaign may not win him any votes with a fellow named Bryan Jones. As an eagle-eyed reader pointed out, if you google Hardaway’s name, you’ll find an ad for a website Tim Hardaway 4 President on which Jones lauds Hardaway’s homophobic revelations. But don’t worry, Jones isn’t completely deranged, the stunt’s just his way of fighting against the Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools.

Tim Hardaway is my new hero. It is not easy to speak your mind when others (the liberal media) may not like it.

Understand that I am using this website to get your attention about an issue that I feel is important. Hate speach is not something I support.

I don’t hate gay people but I do hate how Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools are trying to teach that people can be born gay. There is no conclusive scientific evidence to support this.

No, there isn’t. Then again, there’s no scientific evidence to prove Jones is an asshole, but there’s certainly enough empirical evidence.

He also apparently doesn’t know how to pick his battles. While Montgomery County schools may teach about homosexuality, they’ve also agreed (however begrudgingly) to distribute pamphlets from pro-ex-gayers, PFOX. So, really, the school isn’t only teaching about gay people, but how to get rid of gay people. You’d think Jones would be thrilled…

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  • Todd

    If Bush can be president, would it be that much worse to have Hardaway…..?

  • Bryan Jones

    I nearly fell out of my chair when I was referred to as an “asshole” ! Considering the website this is….That is comedy! Seriously though…

    My main point is that teaching (quote from school Health Ed Curriculum pdf doc)
    “Two benefits of coming out may include: celebration of self discovery, feeling relief, a new sense of joy in being able to be honest with yourself and your loved one.”

    Is a viewpoint that is biased to one groups beliefs. It is telling a teenager (many of whom have identity issues) Hey! if you come out (whether you are gay or not) it will bring relief and joy to your life!

    In addition, the curriculum does not address the fact that male/male sex has a higher STD risk than male/female sex. Don’t you think that the school district should state this medical fact in a Health Sex-Ed class? I would also like to see the word abstinance used.

    I just believe these topics are not high school appropriate. There are areas where the Curriculum teaches respect for others. Of course I agree with that.

  • anonymous

    Bryan, your post confirms that you’re a crackpot. I appreciate your honesty regarding your bigoted and misinformed views, since we can now address them directly. Assuming you are straight, you have little idea of the difficulties with an emerging awareness of one’s sexual orientation as a teenager when there is little to nothing around you that lets you know it’s okay. Suicide rates among gay teens (yes, one can be gay as a teenager) are significantly higher than among straight teens. Now THAT is a health issue worth addressing.

    While I agree that the level of relief and joy brought by coming out will depend largely on the support in one’s situation, that only confirms the need for greater understanding and awareness among people in general of sexual identification.

    If you are honestly concerned about STD issues (which I doubt), then you will no doubt support the inclusion of candid, non-bigoted information about relative risks of different sexual activity, as you pointed out.

    Since I’m sure the physical and emotional health of gay teens is far from your list of concerns in your pc-lite cloaked campaign (“respect for others”…yeah, right), I suggest you be more honest about your true motives. Revealing your true attitudes will only emphasize the need for education to increase tolerance and general health for more people.

  • mat

    I think it’s hilarious how all these straight guys condemn homosexuality yet, while they are doing this, they all go and buy the men’s magazines that show girl-on-girl action. Not to mention all that “straight” porn they purchase which contains girl-on-girl action. These straight guys need to be reminded that girl-on-girl is a homosexual act.

    I hereby condemn straight males as being totally hypocritical and as having double standards in their attitudes to homosexuality. Straight guys = no credibility.

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