Tim Hardaway For President?

Tim Hardaway‘s seemingly endless apology campaign may not win him any votes with a fellow named Bryan Jones. As an eagle-eyed reader pointed out, if you google Hardaway’s name, you’ll find an ad for a website Tim Hardaway 4 President on which Jones lauds Hardaway’s homophobic revelations. But don’t worry, Jones isn’t completely deranged, the stunt’s just his way of fighting against the Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools.

Tim Hardaway is my new hero. It is not easy to speak your mind when others (the liberal media) may not like it.

Understand that I am using this website to get your attention about an issue that I feel is important. Hate speach is not something I support.

I don’t hate gay people but I do hate how Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools are trying to teach that people can be born gay. There is no conclusive scientific evidence to support this.

No, there isn’t. Then again, there’s no scientific evidence to prove Jones is an asshole, but there’s certainly enough empirical evidence.

He also apparently doesn’t know how to pick his battles. While Montgomery County schools may teach about homosexuality, they’ve also agreed (however begrudgingly) to distribute pamphlets from pro-ex-gayers, PFOX. So, really, the school isn’t only teaching about gay people, but how to get rid of gay people. You’d think Jones would be thrilled…