Tim Hortons Hears a WTF: Canadian Coffee Chain Pulls Out of NOM Rhode Island Event


The National Organization for Marriage is hosting something called “Celebrate Marriage & Family Day” on August 16 for anyone who wants to celebrate inequality. But like any big deal event, they need corporate sponsors to pay for the thing, so they’ve lined up brands like Blount Fine Foods, designer Celldrifter, and … Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, which signed on to provide free coffee to attendees. Now before you go asking “WTF is a Canadian chain doing in American marriage politics?,” understand that Tim Hortons also says it does not support “religious groups [or] political affiliates.” Which might explain why corporate has since pulled out of NOM’s Rhode Island bash, and is throwing a regional supervisor under the bus for OKing the deal. Isn’t this nice to hear: Corporate sponsors threatened with boycotts for supporting anti-gay organizations.