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Tim Kaine Is Answering Questions About LGBT Issues? This Should Be Good

Five thousand folks wrote in to the DNC’s Tim Kaine asking how Democrats are going to deal with LGBT issues. He “answered” some of them, which for a high ranking official whose job it is to maintain the party line means he gave vague talking point-y answers.

Yes, this is the same Democrat who, while governor of Virginia, signed into law a bill defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Tim doesn’t even support civil unions, telling the AP in 2001, “I have never said I supported gay civil unions, gay marriages. I do believe that people shouldn’t be kicked out of their jobs or discriminated against because of who they are.” (But he does want gay and lesbians protected in the workplace … somehow … with “civil benefits”.)

As we wrote in January 2009: “Tim Kaine is polite and nice to gays, but lacks the political fortitude to stand-up to anti-gay measures; he really is the perfect person to run the DNC.”